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Future-ready Recruiting with Smart Track’s Artificial Intelligence

Every job offers its own challenges, but let’s focus on recruitment for this post. Recruitment involves the vetting of numerous applications or resumes, matching requirements against tight deadlines requiring massive, time-consuming effort. Many recruiters also need to ensure employer branding and candidate experience as well as be responsible and accountable for retention.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) were designed to make the job of identifying the right candidates for a role easy, by identifying the best match between the role requirements and the abilities listed in a resume/expression of interest/ cover letter using keyword search and resume parsing capabilities. However, this system was fraught with flaws as the keyword search parameters missed many deserving candidates and didn’t always isolate candidates who offered the best fit with the role’s requirements.

Innovative software vendors are focusing their efforts on reducing this burden on recruiters and helping them perform efficiently by offering software using artificial intelligence. Today’s solutions, such as DCR’s Smart Track, uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), making this process much more efficient as the tool goes beyond keyword matching to semantic search and contextual search which essentially eliminates worthless matches. Artificial intelligence is about having machines that think, observe, evaluate and decide matters similar to what humans do, but avoiding human bias. The days of matching just words in applicant tracking are now passé as NLP helps the software to read text with an eye to contextual use, semantics, grammar, sentence structure and even industry jargon.

Candidate matching made awesome

How does Smart Track’s artificial intelligence think like a human to help reduce the drudgery of making candidate decisions in the present? Smart Track’s Match Index Intelligence feature is a built-in, easy-to use candidate matching system that’s available directly from the requirements details screen in Smart Track, without necessitating any complicated navigation to other pages.

Match Index Intelligence takes applicant matching to the next level. Here’s how it works:

  • It comes with more than 12 months of market data embedded in it, offering a value addition that enables our customers to enjoy insights comparing their internal parameters with external data.
  • DCR’s proprietary SIMSIM (Smart Intelligent Machine, twice over) Engine uses machine learning algorithms and data science to suggest decisions that are both objective and based on independent client-specific experience.
  • The SIMSIM Engine provides recommendations on a wide range of business topics, including candidate source, candidate referrals, freelance and candidate usage, candidate rankings, SOW and contingent worker usage, candidate tenure analysis, supplier scorecard and strategic resource analysis.
  • It then pre-pairs candidates to requisitions by matching supplier-submitted actual resume content with the requisition details, using NLP and machine learning to mirror human decision-making without any of the inherent bias usual to a human.
  • It identifies patterns in past employers, courses, keywords, employment length and more.
  • Relying on objective data, it provides the best match for the requisition by cross-referencing it with the client organization’s hiring data.
  • It provides a ranking to each candidate and buckets the resumes into groups for hiring managers, so they can easily know which resume offers the best match for the job. Once candidate matches for a requisition are pulled up, resumes can be viewed with a single click.
  • It finds concepts hidden in the text, and uses the information learned from the resume and cover letters to potentially help match candidates and their qualifications to jobs they may be better fit for within the company, during and after the application process.

The future with Smart Track promises to be even more exciting! Big data challenges us to use intelligent analysis to decipher its hidden message, and at DCR we are committed to blend technology with human intelligence to help our clients take their businesses to the next level as Smart Track works with and for you to make your job easier.

Many more innovative features to DCR’s SIMSIM Engine are being developed as we speak, pursuing our Product Roadmap to continue offering more progressive capabilities and innovative solutions that match recruiting trends.

Talk to us to see how you can use artificial intelligence and machine learning in recruiting and drastically improve your recruitment process. Keep watching this space to learn more about what the future of recruiting holds, as Smart Track continues to evolve along the path charted by our Product Roadmap for 2017!

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