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The Future of Work is Here

“How does work get done?” This is a question that has been asked many times across organizations of all sizes, and it’s become a more important problem statement in 2018. Ardent Partner’s latest report The Future of Work Compendium, underwritten in part by DCR, includes deep discussions of the state of work today and of the technologies, strategies and solutions that are paving the way for work optimization.

The Era of Work Optimization

In past years, the answer to how work gets done was a series of considerations related to both tactical and strategic areas of “work” including costs, budgets, compliance, and project management concerns. Today, these concerns are streamlined into a single inquiry, one founded on the belief that an enterprise can compete favorably in a highly-competitive global marketplace if they can achieve true business agility.  Thus, business agility is now seen as the foundation of the “future of work”

Ardent Partners defines the future of work as “the ultimate optimization of work via the transformation of businesses processes, operations, and its workforce through digitization, seamless and holistic solutions, and flexible enterprise thinking.” Savvy businesses today are able to develop and execute the mid- and long-term planning needed to optimize how work is done and truly become an organization of the future.

The Perfect Storm

The phrase “perfect storm” is used to describe an event in which a rare combination of circumstances produces an unusually powerful result. The discussion around the future of work is the result of a perfect storm of economic, talent and market shifts, and this is paving the way for a new era of work optimization. Ardent Partner’s report identifies three driving forces triggering a perfect storm in the world of work:

  • The rise of non-employee talent
  • The “consumerization” of global business”
  • The advent of next-generation “Industry 4.0” technologies and innovations

Valuable Insight and Blueprint

The Future of Work Compendium provides valuable insight towards the barriers to business agility, and what they mean in today’s competitive environment where organizations must “adapt or perish”. Particularly, Ardent’s first-of-its-kind “Future of Work Model” encapsulates the changes to the world of work and provides modern enterprises with the necessary blueprint to develop Future of Work strategies.

The mission behind this insightful research is for modern businesses to adapt to the shifts happening in the market, identify the necessary transformations needed for agility, and develop a long-term outlook that has the business agility required to respond rapidly and proactively to new market challenges and issues.

Hear what Chris Dwyer of Ardent Partners has to say about the report in the video below:

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