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What Does the Future of Work Mean for You? Listen and Learn on the Podcast and the Webinar

Things are constantly changing in the contingent workforce industry. It’s complex and evolving at an increasingly faster pace. As things evolve, industry thought leaders such as Ardent Partners and DCR often join forces to share studies and where we think the future of this space will look like.

We’re excited to showcase our latest podcast and upcoming webinar on the latest and greatest in the contingent workforce…

Listen in during the podcast

Join us on Episode #222 of Contingent Workforce Weekly as Ammu and Chris discuss the Future of Work and the evolution of contingent workforce management and how it relates to the Vendor Management System (VMS), including:

  • The VMS is not just a standalone technology; it’s part of the entire enterprise system, and needs to be scalable over time.
  • Design has to seamlessly integrate with all data at the enterprise level.
  • Functionality, analytics and integrations have to be streamlined and collected for business analysis.
  • Clients needs are different, even within the same industry, depending on strategy and needs can change over time.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) is a reality, and we need to go boundaryless to get the best workers.
  • What does the future hold?

Join Us!

Grab your seat on the webinar

You can also get the latest Ardent Partners Report as well as sign up to join us on The State of Contingent Management: Insights into the Future of Work…and Beyond webinar to learn:

  • Why agility has become the top focal area for businesses today.
  • How the Future of Work and its related innovation, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, are transforming how work is done.
  • The continued, dominant and progressive role of Vendor Management System (VMS) technology in addressing the evolution of contingent workforce management.
  • The structure of the best-in-class CWM program.

See you there!

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