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Halloween Trends: Are You a Halloween Traditionalist or Trendsetter?

Halloween trends are getting wilder – from pineapples to trees.

If you celebrate Halloween, you may have noticed that some of the more “traditional” aspects have been slowly changing over the years.

Here’s a quick rundown of those changes:


  • Go to a pumpkin patch and choose a pumpkin
  • Carve said pumpkin by hand into a jack o’ lantern
  • Watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”
  • Kids dress up and go trick-or-treating door-to-door ringing doorbells and the home owner hands out one piece of candy
  • Kids come home with appropriate stash and give certain “prized” candy to parents so everyone is happily experiencing a sugar coma
  • Wait diligently for the next official holiday to arrive, in order


  • Go to store and buy a pineapple
  • Carve said pineapple into a jack o’ lantern
  • Watch “Halloween” and other horror flicks
  • Kids dress up and go trunk-or-treating at a local gathering of cars (hence the trunk) and grab fistfuls of candy
  • Parents take “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy Challenge” and film kids having fits of rage that rivals a nuclear meltdown
  • Decide to incorporate Christmas into Halloween by putting up Halloween Christmas trees (yes, it’s a thing…don’t get me started)

Happy Halloween

Whether you are a Halloween traditionalist or trendsetter, DCR wishes you a Happy Halloween!

Be on the lookout for our Halloween recap and video of the festivities, fun and frights as we celebrate Halloween – DCR style.

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