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Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this weekend, and as we set aside this day for dads, let’s take the opportunity to reflect on all of the great things that our fathers have done for us. Of course they helped bring us into the world, aside from that there are so many daily things that dads all over the world do to show their love.

Shout out to dads for:

  • Tackling issues on the work front and handling challenges on the home front.
  • Holding down the fort. (Even when it’s made out of sheets, cushions and pillows.)
  • Keeping calm and carrying on. (Or at least acting the part.)
  • Grilling burgers and (potential) boyfriends.
  • Playing referee both on and off the courts/fields.
  • Exploding with happiness and pride. (Kinda goes with the territory.)
  • Making a big deal over your family. (Sacrificing guy time for family time.)

Fathers everywhere, you are our rock!

We want to wish all of our customers, suppliers, employees, contingent workers, friends and family a very Happy Father’s Day from the DCR family!

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One response to “Happy Father’s Day”

  1. Lalita Vempati says:

    Very well said, Shelley! Let no father shirk the responsibility of being a rock – for the family 🙂 Maybe I should have said lose the opportunity!

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