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Happy Mother’s Day

Holidays such as Mother’s Day gives us the opportunity to sit back and think about all of the wonderful things that our mothers have done for us. I mean, aside from the biggie of giving us life, there are so many day-to-day things that moms all over the world do to make our lives easier, better and full of love.

So to all you moms out there, whether you work out of the home, work from home or work to make a happy home, we know you give your all each and every day.

We see you…

  • Fighting in the trenches alongside your team and coaching in the dugouts with your family.
  • Cooking up an idea at work and then whipping up a meal at home.
  • Playing every role from doctor to teacher to psychologist to cheerleader…and so much more.
  • Facing trials and tribulations, head on, and overcoming them. (Or at least making it appear that way.)
  • Bursting with pride and joy. (That just goes without saying.)
  • Making everything look as if it’s effortless. (Even though we know it isn’t always that way.)

Mothers everywhere, you are our inspiration!

At DCR, we think of ourselves as one big family. So we want to wish all of our customers, suppliers, employees, contingent workers, friends and family a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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