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Did You Hear Some Distinct Buzzing at CWS?

When you attend a conference, you normally go there with some standard expectations – you’ll be courted to attend dinners and demos, you’ll make the rounds of numerous booths and you’ll attend a happy hour or two for networking.

What you don’t normally expect is to hear a big buzz about a certain company. Yet that’s the feedback we received from many attendees this year. They were told specifically to go see DCR and request a demo!

As innovation experts in Vendor Management Systems, we were glad to hear that we’re generating buzz in the industry.

Buzzworthy notes

Here are a couple of reasons you may be hearing quite a bit about DCR this year:

  •  We’re winning awards and recognition from numerous competitions including:
    o Stevie Awards – Eight awards this past year, most notably Gold Awards for Company of the Year and Tech Innovator of the Year, along with many others for Smart Track and our executive leadership.
    o CODiE Award – peer-reviewed award for Best SaaS Enablement as a Service
  • We’re gaining kudos from many industry analysts such as:
    o Forrester WaveTM: Services Procurement, Q1 2017 – Leader among services procurement providers
    o Spend Matters’ 50 Providers to Know
    o CIOReview 20 Most Promising Procurement Solution Providers
    o SIA Global Power 100 Women in Staffing
  • We’re providing industry-leading insights through:
    o DCR Trendline – global market intelligence and real-time trends
    o DCR Blog – cutting-edge industry insights for HR, IT and Procurement professionals

Yes, it seems like we’ve created quite a splash with Smart Track at this year’s event. If you weren’t able to meet with us or schedule a demo, we’d be happy to show you exactly what makes Smart Track get all this buzz.

After all, the proof is in seeing it in action, so click here to request a demo for yourself. Then you’ll know what the buzz is all about.

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