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Hey, Rose! Not all Electronic Forms are Created Equal – Introducing Smart Forms

What eliminates waste, saves time, increases data accuracy and makes your VMS system easy and convenient to use? Smart Forms – one in a vast array of innovative features in Smart Track. Oh, but if you don’t have Smart Track, you don’t have Smart Forms, either. Something to think about.

A rose by any other name…

A rose by any other name is NOT just a rose…especially when it’s related to Smart Track. This little form creation tool packs a powerful punch. It’s more sophisticated than many forms and the real beauty comes after you build it and attach it to wherever you need it.

How can you use it? You can customize a Smart Form with work with:

  • Electronic completion
  • Dynamic sections
  • Electronic submission
  • File/System integration

You can use this feature in modules such as:

  • Onboarding
  • Timesheets
  • Invoicing
  • Expenses
  • Offboarding

There are so many features built in to our Smart Forms that it is incredible the amount of detail you’ll see. And once you have your form built, you can run reports so you get visibility and insight into the workforce the exact way you need it. And it integrates with the Provisioning Tool so they work hand-in-hand to get your contingent worker up and running in record time.

Just one more way we allow you to customize Smart Track your way, so it works for you!

But I don’t want to repeat everything that Smart Forms has going for it when you can just check it out here:  “Smart Forms: Building a Custom Form is like Playing with Legos®.

If you’re already using Smart Forms, we know you love it!

And if you aren’t using Smart Forms, it’s because you don’t have Smart Track…yet! What’s stopping you?

This short video will give you some more details on how you can benefit from Smart Track’s Smart Forms:

Isn’t it time you request a demo of the World’s Best VMS? Email us at sales@dcrworkforce.com and tell us what you want your form to do or leave us a comment.

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