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It’s all in the Attitude: How to be More Proactive at Work

I’m not proud to admit this, but some days nothing seems to be working as it should, and my attitude becomes terrible. And I know what you’re about to say: “What’s the correlation between a bad attitude and being proactive?” As odd as it may seem, our attitude is a major factor in how we plan, think and deal with work.

The truth is that the majority of the time we’re all reacting to what is happening around us. Something went wrong, someone didn’t do something that affects our projects or missing critical information are just a few common situations that drag us down. Yet these are the opportunities to being proactive at work as you delve deeper into how to become a better problem solver, a more flexible planner and develop a resilient attitude.

Practicing having a better attitude in the face common challenges at work is a good foundation to start building more initiative toward your job. There are three other critical elements that need to be understood to start taking on more work so that you can go beyond the basic needs of your job.


There’s a reason you were hired, and part of that reason is to become someone your boss can count on, not someone who has to be micromanaged. To avoid the possibility of being micromanaged, take more initiative by anticipating what needs to be done and understanding that you are at work to lighten your boss’s load.

To execute all this, you may have to be a bit more organized. Understanding how to be more proactive at work includes developing focus on prioritizing tasks, problem-solving and planning so you can take on more work successfully.


I once met a nurse in a hospital who was fantastic. She knew everything about her patients, dispensed medicine so precisely, anticipated changes in a patient’s health and was personable with her patients. The thing that I couldn’t get over was that she was so young. The older nurses that I had seen were so grumpy and incompetent.

I asked her one day how she became such a good nurse. She casually replied that she just liked asking lots of questions, and she treated every day at work like it was her first. I was so amazed by this answer. This young lady had such a positive attitude about learning all that she could about her job that she became an amazing nurse at such a young age.


Make sure your new proactive style meshes well with your manager by putting out the word that you want to take on more responsibilities, and discuss ideas that you may have. You want to be proactive the right way.

A person’s initial thoughts about being proactive at work can be deceptive. Most people think about the extra work. But it’s not about just taking on a greater workload; it’s really trying to be better with managing, prioritizing and problem-solving…all with a great attitude.

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