Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma Devastates Florida but Does Not Interrupt DCR’s Operations, Payroll

On the heels of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Hurricane Irma came crashing through Florida, affecting millions more. With many areas under mandatory evacuations, several employees left their homes, fleeing to stay with relatives in other parts of the state or even the country. I was one of those who remained at home and hunkered down in South Florida.

Here’s a glimpse into how Hurricane Irma impacted us at DCR:

Always prepared

Due to DCR’s emergency preparedness training twice a year, we have contingency plans in place to handle many functions during an emergency such as a natural disaster. Our off-shore team worked diligently behind the scenes to ensure everything ran as seamlessly as possible. We’re a well-oiled machine so our operations and payroll continued without a hitch and clients weren’t impacted at all.

Hotel DCR

We often say that working at DCR is more like a big, extended family than just having a job, and the decisions made during this disaster cemented that sentiment. Executives at DCR knew that many employees were not fortunate enough to have power restored as quickly as the office, so they announced that those without power could stay at corporate with their entire family if need be.

Have a heart

Although it was frightening, we in Boca Raton and surrounding areas were spared the brunt of Irma’s wrath. So many more are facing total loss. So again, we’re pleading with you to join forces and donate to the American Red Cross to help those affected by Hurricane Irma.



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