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Instant Delivery: Canned Reports at Your Service in Smart Track

Using contingent workers, freelancers, 1099 consultants and statement of work (SOW) workers, is no different from any other business endeavor. You “can” engage and manage contingent labor without quantitative data analytics and business intelligence – but it’s probably not the best idea.

After all, data in contingent workforce management is about driving process efficiency, increasing speed to market and providing greater visibility into workforce sourcing and management. And using advanced reporting features that can provide instant delivery with canned reports and analytics gives you the competitive advantage you need to take your business to the next level.

Adopting a Vendor Management System (VMS) to manage your contingent workforce program offers a lot more than just an automation of processes. A VMS can help guide your data mining efforts and offer you reporting and business analytics, driven off your processes and data.

DCR’s Smart Track VMS helps you to carefully plan your contingent workforce program and effectively execute all its elements to derive the desired benefits of the program like cost savings as well as retaining the ability to expand or contract your teams by creating a buffer zone, providing access to scarce skills needed for executing special projects or meeting spikes in demand, or just to try out workers before bringing them on as full-time employees.

Here’s a quick snapshot into the functionality:

Delivering the data

Smart Track uses strategic analytics to help improve your contingent workforce program by deriving deep insights into the way the program is operating. It gives you increased transparency into the actual spend on the contingent labor program as well utilization. It helps track candidate quality, quantity and other metrics related to supplier performance, participation, responsiveness and cost of service.

It also helps to rationalize supplier base and creates distribution tiers to prioritize suppliers by performance. It performs a risk analysis on active requisitions, contractors or suppliers to ensure compliance with SLAs and achieve program’s goals. Almost every VMS can give you real time information on the following aspects of your contingent workforce program, post-implementation:

  • Number of non-employees working
  • Number of non-employees on role but not working
  • Number of non-employees with offers soon to start
  • Number of non-employees with their contract soon to end/expire
  • Visibility into non-employees pay and supplier markup

Canned reports at your service

If you aren’t serious about the benefits of mining or can’t follow up on all the statistical patterns and correlations, you can still depend on Smart Track itself to apply these insights to create a tiered set of staffing suppliers and to share requisitions with them based on these insights.

Anticipating the needs of our clients, DCR has created hundreds of canned reports which are embedded into its technology, and are ready to be accessed at the click of a mouse. (It also offers Business Intelligence and Custom Reports, using an Online Analytical Processing tool to easily drill down into the data of your choice, at will – which we will cover in another post.)

These extremely valuable built-in business analytics canned reports inside of Smart Track provide you with usable insights for improved processes and ensure your competitive advantage. When you need information quickly, Smart Track can generate nearly 300 reports in a flash, from the various categories detailed below:

  • Requisition Status
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence on Supplier
  • Contract Worker (IDs, location, projects assigned to, pay rate)
  • Supplier Management
  • Supplier Reports
  • Compliance
  • Time Sheets and Expense
  • Monthly Customer Invoice
  • Independent Contractor
  • User Management
  • Audit Reports
  • Client Reports
  • My Contingent Workforce Reports
  • Statement of Work (SOW)

These are flat reports that offer standard parameters and filters which are pre-defined and use basic information. These reports give you an opportunity to customize the values offered by rows and columns, to derive necessary insights. These insights can help managers to restructure the performance criteria, set mutually acceptable expectations and standards as well as resolve any other issues with suppliers to ensure the success of the program.

Specialty of canned reports in Smart Track

  • Simplicity: These reports consist mostly of data. Every department in the organization can access them, if allowed, and use them to stay consistent with the program goals as well as customer needs.
  • One-Click Access: The data can be dynamically accessed, in any order you need, for any period either as an Excel file or as a pdf file. Just hover your cursor over each of the canned reports for a clear description of what it is offering, before you select it and get the report.
  • Search Capability: Search through all the available reports using a specific keyword, such as location or pay rate, to get the information you require within seconds.
  • Schedule Report Emails: If you need any specific report periodically, you can just schedule the report and sit back; the system will generate and email the report to you (as well as copy any other users as per your specification) at periodic, pre-set intervals for any length of time you specify.
  • Saved and Recently Viewed Reports: The system saves all your recently viewed reports, so you can share them with other users – who can access them and share in the insights, without having to generate them again.

In today’s business world, data matters. It ensures your competitive advantage in the marketplace and helps you maintain an effective program. To learn more, click the link to get your copy of our exclusive DCR DASH – an overview of canned reports titled “Smart Track’s Business Analytics and Canned Reports: At Your Service“.

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