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It’s NOT all about the Benjamins – Pursuing Innovation in VMS Services

We’re all familiar with the rigid structure surrounding most business transactions, and product demos or appraisal sessions are definitely no exception to the rule. And sure the bottom line is important. You can’t spend the Benjamins if they’re not in the budget. But in some cases the product demos get everyone so excited that the allotted window of 30-45 minutes is completely forgotten, other meetings set aside, as everyone is fired up by the scope offered by the product and its benefits. That’s what you’ll find with Smart Track.

At the end of the day, in spite of changed schedules and missed appointments, everyone is smiling and happy – the product team, because their hard work, dedication and innovation paid off and the prospective client, who is blown away by the product’s capabilities.

Think innovation

Legend has it that Steve Jobs pushed his team to reduce the size of an iPod prototype by dunking it in an aquarium and proving to them, by the bubbles that surfaced, that there was still empty space inside somewhere!

Innovation isn’t easy to come by. It needs thorough knowledge of the industry, thought leadership, focus, commitment, a readiness to come out of your comfort zone and a refusal to settle for anything short of the ideal.

Innovation in the contingent workforce supply chain or ecosystem is about a Vendor Management System (VMS) which is constantly focused on innovative features.

And yet, innovation is possible only in an environment of interaction and practical learning which comprehends the different challenges being posed by the different new “economies” namely, the gig economy, the on-demand economy and the sharing economy – alongside the regular operations.

What should you look for?

Don’t just think that added bells and whistles are “innovative,” because if you aren’t going to use a feature, it’s kind of a waste. When considering the innovation factor, it’s all about…

  • Finding a flexible VMS tool that can manage your global SOW programs, across multiple locations – using different currencies, varied pay rates, multiple languages and myriad legal requirements – with ease and simplicity while still conforming to your specific requirements.
  • Changing the way you do things, keeping up with the rapid changes and transformation around you in service standards and delivery models.
  • Realizing the need that you may need to strike out on a new path, so you can meet your current requirements in a confident and decisive manner.
  • Learning about bold new features – which meet and surpass your expectations – not minimal improvements built on the tired old system in an effort to try to keep up with the times.
  • Challenging the status quo and responding to the change around you, however small, to achieve the right balance by staying aware and alert to new developments in the industry and changes in the ecosystem.
  • Discovering unfaltering teamwork that supports the VMS and your initiatives. A team that knows how to give its best and has the culture necessary to support them in their quest for the best customer experience possible.

DCR promotes innovation, but more importantly, there’s a culture of teamwork to give our clients the best possible experience at a rarefied level that blows our competition out of the water.

When you visit the VMSA conference, keep in mind that the VMS you ultimately choose should have innovative features, backed by a superb customer experience team. Smart Track delivers the ultimate in flexibility and can be customized for your needs. Quickly. Easily.

When innovation is encouraged, you’ll find that the reward is improved efficiencies. Because when you’re buying a system that you’ll really use for all your SOW needs, it’s about fit, flexibility and features you need. It’s definitely NOT all about the Benjamins!

Are you currently searching for a VMS to streamline your business or perhaps thinking of changing providers? Call us at 1-888-DCR-4VMS to get all of your questions answered and/or schedule a really slick demo.

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