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Join Our Webinar: Mid-market Companies Realize One Size Does Not Fit All When It Comes to Extended Workforce Management

I always get a kick out of clothing tags that say One Size Fits All. What a bunch of baloney. One Size does not even fit “Most”, let alone “All”. So why should your technology solution be any different?

After all, if something was designed for enterprise-level companies, that comes with a numerous layers, complex integrations – how would that be a sufficient solution for a small- or mid-sized organization with different parameter that often has less complex wants, needs or desires?

For example, take the Vendor Management System (VMS) to handle extended workforce management. As a mid-market organization, you have unique needs and opportunities when it comes to sourcing, hiring and managing a changing and multiplying extended workforce.

Along the way, you may have been told by providers that you’re just “too small” to take advantage of this complex and expensive technology solution. You may face constraints such as limited internal resources to manage the system, and no desire to go through a long and complex implementation. Even so, you still need an agile solution that allows for advanced functionality and scalability, without replacing the entire system or going through another expensive implementation.

You know that using a VMS will make your life easier, allowing you to focus on your core business, but you don’t immediately need a sophisticated implementation and a complex solution. You may even be afraid you’ll get “stuck” with something you’ll soon outgrow because there are few options available that serve the mid-market sector.

Additionally, you may wonder if you need to engage a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to run the program or if you should take on that responsibility in-house. Do you have the resources? Are you familiar with the variety of MSPs and VMS solutions to meet your needs?

Webinar:  Industry panel discusses mid-market needs

Are you wondering what makes the mid-market unique, why there’s a need for a mid-market solution for VMS/MSP and what should you look for in providers depending on if you’re new to the space or already have a program solution in place? Then join us as a panel of expert thought leaders have a roundtable on this very topic.

Date: Tuesday, June 20

Time: 11 am EST

If you are at an SMB and run an extended workforce…you will not want to miss the insights and discussion. Bring your questions!

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