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Las Vegas Shooting Victims – With Heavy Hearts DCR Sends Condolences to Those Affected

When a tragedy like the Las Vegas shooting occurs, there are no words that begin to cover the range of emotions, the unanswered questions as well as the depth of impact that one person’s choices have – whether you were directly impacted, know someone who was or you can just empathize with fellow Americans.

We’re heartbroken

We ourselves are deeply saddened that this type of mass shooting, the deadliest in modern history, has taken place. As a company, DCR stands with our clients, partners, employees and others affected by this tragedy. We’re heartbroken. We offer our condolences to those of you who may have been affected or have loved ones who were. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

What we sometimes see after a tragedy of this magnitude is that, after the shock wears off, some people may still suffer from ongoing symptoms from the trauma. We encourage you to seek assistance to deal with any ongoing emotional issues to help you heal.

And to those heroes on the scene – whether you are one of the brave first responders or one of the everyday heroes who stepped up to help your fellow citizens – we applaud you and send you our heartfelt gratitude. You are what make this country great. You are the ones who help combat evil with love.

Moment of silence

As we begin to slowly move forward after such an unspeakable act, let’s take a moment of silence to think of those affected by this and lift them up.

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