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Leveraging Talent Pools within Your Vendor Management System

What is your strategy for sourcing top talent through your staffing providers? If you are going to say it’s not in your control because it is the staffing provider who must meet such expectations, maybe it’s time to learn how an advanced Vendor Management System (VMS) like Smart Track can help you access relevant candidate pools to source thousands of highly skilled top talent through your network of suppliers. With DCR, you enjoy the unique advantage of having a VMS solution that has no direct or indirect interest in any staffing agency and can evaluate a supplier’s performance with as neutral approach as possible and stay focused on the goal of quality recruitment.

Smart Track is all about redefining the relationship between staffing companies, managed service providers, clients and non-employees through Smart Track xCHANGE. It’s all about creating a productive and collaborative ecosystem that creates talent pools which can be leveraged by staffing suppliers and their clients – while non-employees can gain the visibility they need to ensure that prospective employers know when they’re available and looking for a gig.

Exciting ecosystem: Smart Track xCHANGE

DCR’s Smart Track is a constantly evolving Vendor Management System, with exciting offers such as the Smart Track XCHANGE ecosystem that allows an employer to procure any type of service through a preferred supplier base or through multiple suppliers, handling the full lifecycle from request to invoice and every level in between. It can also allow the talent to oversee their assignment destiny, while allowing managers to match talent with suppliers and directly access and view the available resources.

All the stakeholders can enjoy engagement through open communications while Smart Track xCHANGE makes it possible to select suitable candidates from the available talent pools using a sophisticated algorithm offered by its Match Index Intelligence module. Its user interface delivers optional job title information based on keyword and probability of candidate match, displaying “like” skills and cross-match job titles so managers can drill into the labor market information for options, forecasts and cross-matching skills.

Non-employees – They can gain great visibility across staffing agencies as well as hundreds of potential new clients. They can upload their profiles directly from LinkedIn to have their candidature considered automatically when a suitable opportunity comes up and they will not need to have a lot of downtime between gigs, as they painstakingly search of a new opportunity at the end of their previous gig.

Staffing clients – They can connect with highly qualified candidates, for a range of opportunities across different fields, whose worth is already proved. They have access to market data and knowledge of market trends, and have access to powerful reporting tools that measure and manage their productivity. The VMS helps them plan their recruitments better as they know and can manage candidates and available positions at any given time, finding it very easy to source, connect and engage talent on a regular basis. They can customize processes to find preferred workers with whom they are unable to source through traditional means such as niche suppliers.

Suppliers – Once they’re registered with Smart Track xCHANGE, they find that it’s a social workspace designed to enable them to improve their services to the clients registered by offering them the right talent at the right time. The transparent sourcing and engagement opportunities offered by Smart Track xCHANGE is a first-of-its-kind offering which is comprehensive as well as innovative.

By becoming members of Smart Track xCHANGE, suppliers can become a part of the world’s largest network of top talent and workforce suppliers. Once their credentials have been verified and their membership is approved, their services gain visibility across a wide network of clients who get automatically referred to them based on mutual interests and needs such as industry, skill requirements and geographic coverage. Apart from this exposure to major clients, they also gain access to connect with high quality candidates who are looking for their next assignment.

Unique offerings of Smart Track xCHANGE include vendor-neutral VMS/MSP solutions, more than 300 suppliers currently supporting DCR clients with more than 100 diverse suppliers currently supporting DCR clients and thousands of non-employees on assignment. Across the Smart Track xCHANGE ecosystem all the members can also benefit from the vital research and information on industry practices and trends regularly shared by DCR.

Smart Track xCHANGE is a total ecosystem that enables its clients to quickly, easily and effortlessly identify suitable candidates directly, using its opportunity sharing capabilities and reviews. Bringing together the best features of private talent pools, social networks and online labor marketplaces in a single site, Smart Track xCHANGE encourages independent consultants, freelancers, former employees, retirees and interns to register and maintain personalized profiles indicating qualifications, credentials, desired positions, expected compensation, recommendations and availability. To learn more, visit here if you are a staffing professional and here if you are a candidate.

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