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Love at First Sight

Finding a VMS that’s right for you is like dating – you have to check out their a profile (website), ask questions (whitepaper or brochure), set up a date (demo) and determine if you want to take it a step further (industry-specific case studies) and finally make a commitment (install the VMS).

When you meet online for the first time, there are the obvious qualities that you look at. It will make your life easier. It will simplify your processes. It will save time…so much time! And then, you remember, you have to fulfill your soulmate wish list!

Write your wish list

What are you ultimately looking for in a VMS? How much flexibility is built in? Does it have a great family (sister products that encourage engagement)? What role does it play in which department?

You have to start initially with how it can meet all of your internal basic needs. Then factor in how it can meet more industry-specific needs.

Is it fear of commitment or too many choices?

When faced with too many choices, most people experience a slight level of anxiety. In the VMS world, like the dating app, there are, literally, Plenty of Fish. With so many choices, you may often feel overwhelm, which may lead to longer and longer delays into choosing the VMS that’s right for you. That, in turn, will just delay the gratification you’ll feel when you finally find your soulmate VMS.

On the flip side, you may just be afraid to commit. There is no matchmaker that will help you to achieve nirvana with the right VMS for your company. You have to do the work to weed out the losers. There isn’t an online app to take a quick look. And you can’t just swipe away the ones you don’t like at first glance.

From first date to engagement ring

Yes, you may go on a lot of dates until you find the “right” one for you. That’s to be expected. You’ll find yourself sorting through whitepapers and fact sheets, looking at case studies and scheduling demos. And like dating, it can get a little confusing. Which system had what features again? But be sure to devote the time and resources to look around.

You may need to go back and forth with a couple of providers when you narrow it down to the top contenders. That’s ok. You can and should take your time and feel comfortable with your final choice.

Sometimes it boils down to chemistry. You just click. You know that your VMS provider will give you the sun, the moon and the stars in customer service and ultimate flexibility. And maybe, just maybe, you will find love at first sight.

Once you do commit to a VMS you love, remember this: The key to keeping love alive is good communication.

We’d love to have you check us out, ask us questions, go on a date. You can check out our profile here.

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