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No Need for Luck When You Have VMS Technology on Your Side

You have a sizable contingent workforce that you have to oversee, but the process is getting unmanageable. Tracking and reporting is starting to be uncontrollable. And planning for your future workforce needs is almost unbearable.

You don’t need a magic leprechaun, you need a Vendor Management System (VMS). But not just any old system will do, Smart Track is one of the most highly regarded, innovative systems available.

Four-leaf clover

You don’t need a four-leaf clover to make your future wishes come true. Smart Track translates volumes of data that are generated each day into valuable insights needed to understand the environment in which you operate.

The application offers a single platform for viewing and manipulating transactional and interactional data from different areas of your company and the marketplace so that you can evaluate the impact of temporary talent on overall performance, and it can magically forecast who the best candidate is for the position based on market data and your own internal historical selections.

Here’s what you can depend on Smart Track to assist you with…no “luck” required:

Planning and Forecasting Smart Track tools offer demand and spend forecasting, resource mix analysis and bill rate adjustment analysis.

Reporting On-demand reports as well as user-specific dashboards display numerous types of data breakdowns and results including spend, process/cycle time, purchase order and budget tracking and performance by skill category or location.

Cost Control Easily perform analyses of aggregate spend by supplier group or worker classification, with evaluation of project costs against progress, thereby anticipating cost overruns.

Trend Analysis Review metrics showing trends, scores and ranking based on established performance. Comparisons can be made across job titles and locations as well as over various time periods, including monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Smart Track delivers the financial and operational information you need to gain a fully comprehensive and crystal clear view of your organization’s extended workforce. By providing visibility into previously inaccessible areas, you can truly understand the ways in which your money is being spent and can balance available resources, grade suppliers and identify areas needing attention.

Your competitors will be green with envy when they realize you’re managing your contingent workforce optimally by using a VMS.

Wishing you a festive St. Patrick’s Day!

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