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Management Material: Is Your Employee Ready to be a Manager?

If you’re a manager who is noticing an extraordinary employee who stands out from the rest of the worker bees in your hive, then it might be time to investigate further to see if your star performer is management material.

But what does it take for an employee to make the transition to manager? Listed below are some key traits to look for in an employee that might be ready to make the transition to a manager.

Leadership qualities

Self-sufficient – There is no need to monitor this individual constantly. They’re assigned tasks and are motivated to get things done on time and accomplish tasks well. Also, they aren’t scared to put in extra hours to ensure that work gets done.

A thirst for knowledge – We all know that you never really stop learning, and with technology that goes double. There’s always something new and important to learn to further your skills. Hence, your candidate is continuously learning and shares his or her knowledge with their peers to help the organization.

Job mastery – Mastering a job has a very specific meaning. This employee’s performance is bankable based on empirical facts such as their past body of work, feedback or stats. These facts will be necessary to convince the higher ups that this employee should be considered for a management position. In addition, this individual may start to take on more work on their own or even volunteer to do more work.

Showing initiative – Showing interest in management is important because some individuals are just outstanding employees and actually prefer to stay in their current role. Once you confirm their interest in becoming a manager, there are some further questions to consider. Fundamental questions arise – such as do they have experience rallying others or leading a group to achieve a goal, what is their idea of managing others, how would they handle challenges and what is their management style?

Puts others first – A good manager needs to be someone who puts the team first. Their thinking needs to be collective, they need a strong desire to assist others and they must be able to give good feedback. Also, a good manager needs to acknowledge other’s contributions and accomplishments. Companies need leaders that are able to unify and utilize the best in employees.

Taking a test drive

If you think your star performer is management material, give them a chance to lead a group for a small project. Grooming an employee for a management position is a great learning experience for them, and gives you a snapshot of the future without any negative consequences.

I personally feel that it’s a good idea to promote from within the company. You’re supporting someone who deserves to be rewarded for his or her achievements and the company continues to benefit from a skilled employee. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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