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Opening up a Whole New World: Bringing Talent Marketplaces in to the Vendor Management System

Employee-centric organizations are designing jobs around people based on their skills, abilities and what they’re good at. When planning to align people and their skills with the task at hand, an organization may allow internal employees to choose the projects and assignments that meet their areas of expertise.

This may sound easy when applied to internal workers who work with an organization full time, but when you look at how it can be made possible with contingent workers too, a whole new world opens up. Adapting this approach towards one’s contingent workforce would improve one’s employer branding too as the workers would value a workplace that then helps them realize their potential instead of being stuck in a rut, doing repetitive jobs which refuse to recognize the range of their skills and expertise.

A competent Vendor Management System (VMS) is constantly evolving to offer more exciting options than ever, and infuse new life into the program. DCR’s Smart Track xCHANGE would allow an employer to procure any type of service through a preferred supplier base or through multiple suppliers, handling the full lifecycle from request to invoice and every level in between. It can also allow the talent to oversee their assignment destiny, while allowing managers to match talent with suppliers, and bypass the MSP/supplier dynamic to directly access and view the available resources.

Win the war for talent with a Vendor Management System

DCR’s VMS brings you Smart Track xCHANGE, which is a freelancer and non-employee ecosystem that offers our staffing partners, non-employees and freelancers more access to information and a new mobile user interface to optimize a workforce that’s continually on the move. Smart Track xCHANGE is an interactive community dedicated to matching the top non-employee talent with top staffing professionals to fill the needs of our customers.

It allows clients seeking freelance talent to fill empty positions more quickly, and for freelance workers to find extended contracts with some of the best employers. Companies can access next-level talent management to take advantage of the gig economy with its online presence. The collaboration it allows for all stakeholder groups lends itself to open communications and user engagement.

Here are a few ways Smart Track xCHANGE helps you establish a talent marketplace with your contingent workforce by allowing you to:

  • Know, continuously and in real-time, which candidates and positions are available so you can keep your process moving.
  • View and track the “who, what, when and how” related to all your workers, contracts, and jobs.
  • Reduce your time-to-fill by not just matching skills and industries, but also making market data such as pay rate, time-to-fill and other information available. Access high quality talent, reduce fill time significantly and lower the cost of acquiring talent, be they independent consultants, freelancers, former employees, retirees or interns.
  • Enable social sourcing, uniting social networking with employment engines allowing companies, staffing professionals and job seekers to connect with each other and explore mutually beneficial and suitable opportunities.
  • Offer personalized profiles indicating qualifications, credentials, desired positions, expected compensation, recommendations and availability. Candidates can upload their profiles into Smart Track xCHANGE right from LinkedIn, bringing together the best features of private talent pools, social networks and online labor marketplaces in a single site to enable companies find preferred workers directly.
  • Enable the qualified and proven candidates to be quickly, easily and effortlessly identified by major companies that are seeking out the specific skills they are offering. The technology-enabled matching offers unparalleled results when compared to other recruitment strategy.
  • Explore everything in a total ecosystem. Smart Track xCHANGE is an interactive community that provides connections, guidance and direction in the pursuit of talent, and offers much more than a career site, resume bank or job board.

Effective resource allocation, using talent one already has access to, is an effective answer to the talent crunch being faced by organizations. Against this background, DCR recognizes that engaging, warehousing and re-engaging talent directly is the way ahead and provides this functionality for its Vendor Management System to enable its customers to connect to the talent cloud to engage independent contractors and niche providers in an additive fashion to their traditional pool of selected staffing and SOW vendors.

So open up your world. Experience Smart Track xCHANGE for yourself.

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