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Peering into the Future with a Crystal Ball and Creating Magic with Ruby Slippers

A VMS with built-in predictive analytics is better than a crystal ball to foresee future needs

Do you remember the part in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy looked into a fuzzy crystal ball and saw Auntie Em? Dorothy went through many trials and tribulations before she finally figures out that she had the power to get there all along by clicking her heels three times and saying, “There’s no place like home” to transport herself and Toto to their future back in Kansas with Auntie Em. Luckily, our clients don’t have to go through nearly as much trouble when they use our Smart Track VMS to get future requirements today.

And things are about to improve dramatically because we have an exciting year in store!

As part of our “2016 Product Roadmap: Building a Future Forward VMS” initiative, we’re paving the way in many industries by assisting clients so they’re better able to manage their contingent, non-employee and SOW workforce.

Winning the war for talent

Just as Dorothy used all of her newly-made friends to help her get to her destination, our clients use our VMS to run a smooth process flow of onboarding, tracking and off-boarding non-employees.

We help our clients win the war for talent with innovative deliverables. The future forward plan at DCR for 2016 involves:

  • The lion has the courage to develop a strong push toward helping global customers manage their globalization initiatives through fill-and-bill statement of work (SOW) management as well as a safe harbor solution for data centers in various nations.
  • The scarecrow is the brains of the operation giving our staffing partners, non-employees and freelancers more access to information through mobilization with Smart Track xCHANGE (DCR’s freelance and non-employee ecosystem), and a new user interface for Smart Track Mobile to optimize a workforce that’s continually on the move.
  • The tin man is all heart fostering collaboration with suppliers, workers and our own idealab to develop amazing, ground-breaking features.
  • And of course the Wizard of Oz is the mastermind who is increasingly intensifying our analyzation of metrics – whether it’s through insights gleaned through gamification or taking a deeper look into predictive analytics as to what works and what doesn’t within the proprietary OPEN SIMSIM framework.

In fact, we’re focusing heavily in predictive analytics this year, making forecasting the future a reality for our clients. And the vision is not murky, it’s crystal clear.

The future forward roadmap

Just as Dorothy called out for Auntie Em, so our clients and partners have called for changes, and we’ve heard them loud and clear. We’re continually incorporating our clients’ requests and our supplier partners’ appeals to improve Smart Track and Smart Track xCHANGE.

“Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” We’ve created a culture where our clients and partners can feel comfortable asking for and receiving changes quickly, not just dreaming about them. A place they can call home for managing their contingent workforce needs.

And even bigger and more exciting things are underway at DCR for clients, suppliers, non-employees and freelancers. Check out our two-minute “2016 Future Forward Product Roadmap” video.

“We’re not just leading the industry, we’re innovating and providing the roadmap that other companies will look at and say that this is the direction the industry needs to go,” says Rich Piva, Director of Implementation and Client Services and innovations expert. “So, really, for DCR and Smart Track, the future is now.”

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. At DCR, we anticipate that others in the industry will soon be imitating us because we’re setting the standard with industry firsts. Our clients are peering into the future with their own crystal ball embedded into Smart Track.

If you want a deeper look into what’s ahead, click the link to read the “2016 Product Roadmap: Building a Future Forward VMS.” This is just a small inkling of what’s in store. We have the magic of the ruby slippers.

And, remember, as Glinda the Good Witch told Dorothy while she was clicking her ruby slippers together: “There’s no place like home.”

What’s on your wish list for future inclusions to your VMS? Is it something specific to your industry?

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