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Playing by the Rules: Smart Track’s Collaboration Module Allows Complete Vendor Neutrality

Vendor neutrality eliminates hiring biases. The Collaboration Module in Smart Track provides communication within a completely vendor neutral forum.

Let’s say you and I are friends. You’re the hiring manager and I’m the supplier. I submit a candidate to you, and you also receive a candidate from another supplier. The candidates are similar in qualifications, and they’re running neck and neck. What’s the determining factor? The flip of a coin? The friendship? It could be the latter without you even realizing it due to inherent human bias!

When it comes to making your selection from all of the qualified candidates, the goal in any job requisition is to hire the most qualified candidate while simultaneously maintaining anonymity of your suppliers to eliminate that bias.

You need to be able to quarantine the hiring managers from the suppliers, but you don’t want to quarantine the suppliers from the hiring managers. Yet when communication is a necessity, how do you accomplish all of this without forcing your hand and allowing the hiring manager/supplier access?

Give me the details

We all know that it’s impossible to capture every single detail for a requisition – sometimes you need more details or have questions that are better answered in a give-and-take rather than a simple text, in case it leads to more questions or other details being explored. Until recently, most forms of communication wasn’t an option if you wanted to maintain that neutrality.

Hiring managers longed for a system that allowed for the freedom to discuss the job requirements in full detail – anonymously – without having to provide someone to watch over the exchanges (which, in the end, still often allowed identities to slip through the cracks).

We looked around. We couldn’t find anything. The marketplace offered various types of workarounds, but a true vendor-neutral system – where hiring managers could talk to suppliers in a purely anonymous fashion – didn’t exist.

At DCR we were determined to create a vendor-neutral system that put our customer’s needs for neutrality front-and-center.

Enter Smart Track’s Collaboration Module!

Open communication enhances the relationships between hiring managers and the MSP, while allowing the suppliers to have access to the best information possible to find and submit great candidates, yet remain anonymous in the process.

Smart Track’s Collaboration Module is a chat room that has been customized for vendor relations to maintain strict vendor neutrality because, unlike a traditional chat room, the Collaboration Module plays by the rules of complete anonymity!

The Collaboration Module takes into consideration all of our stakeholders in the delicate requirement process that’s involved in filling a requisition – including the suppliers – without jeopardizing vendor neutrality.

Other tools used don’t really take into consideration the supplier user, but the Collaboration Module gives the supplier a chance to ask questions that are very important and relevant to properly fulfilling a requisition.

We designed the Collaboration Module to include all stakeholders including suppliers, which shows our dedication to inclusiveness. And the module’s technology is user-friendly and built on a platform that’s easy to use and very intuitive – a simple chat room, with built-in safeguards.

How does it work?

Smart Track’s Collaboration Module has different functionality based on rights and roles assigned to the type of user. Managers can freely talk to each other, while suppliers must be invited to the chat, and instead of manager names, they see randomly unidentifiable temporary usernames.

Additionally, while suppliers can view the ongoing discussion, they must use the Raise Hand feature to be included in the chat. The hiring manager or MSP must give permission for them to actually ask the question.

If the supplier gets out of line by asking details unrelated to the job or are inappropriate, they can get booted out of the conversation. If that happens, they will not receive a transcript of the conversation and they can’t request to be invited back into the conversation.

Similar to traditional chat, you can show your status – whether you’re online or not – so everyone in your system can see your availability, and you still type in your message.

Additionally, the Collaboration Module goes beyond traditional chat in that it allows for full monitoring and time-stamped and record-history of all discussions for quick and easy referencing.

The Collaboration Module is a vendor-neutral communications channel that provides the following:

  • Flexible communications between all stakeholders involved in a job fill
  • A platform to connect hiring managers with suppliers without compromising the vendor neutrality
  • Full monitoring and time-stamped record-history of discussions
  • A method that suppliers can use to have a better idea of the kind of worker the manager needs
  • Easy-to-learn user interface
  • True vendor neutrality

Vendor neutral with no sacrifices and no biases

Looking for the most qualified candidate while eliminating human bias is challenging. This can help hiring managers and MSPs make educated decisions without their personal feelings getting in the way.

By using the Collaboration Module as your communication platform, you will not sacrifice vendor neutrality yet still get all of the questions answered quickly and easily. Open communication enhances the relationships between hiring managers and the MSP, while allowing the suppliers to have access to the best information possible to find and submit great candidates, yet remain anonymous in the process.

Once you filter through the submitted resumes, you can look for the best fit without wondering if you chose that person based on qualifications or personal favor. Because of the built-in anonymity factor, hiring managers and suppliers simply are not even given the opportunity go behind the scenes to make a deal.

Check out the Smart Track Collaboration Module in action:

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