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Recruitment Methods that Help Attract the Right Skills

Consider this: When you’re hiring a candidate, would you prefer someone who already knows the ropes and can quickly move in and become productive, through minor adjustments to their earlier knowledge and experience? Or would you be comfortable with someone who has to learn the ropes from the word ‘Go’ and become proficient, given time and ongoing training? To make this seem concrete and not a futile exercise, can we assume that we’re hiring a chauffeur? So…will you look for someone who knows how to drive a car (which may not be the exact make or model of what you are going to require them to drive) or will you take on someone who has never driven anything at all!?

That, in a nutshell, is what we mean when we say looking for specific skills is hard. A recruiter may keep on trying to find a suitable candidate, who is motivated, talented and willing to come on board, but fail to do so. In a flourishing job market, this decision lies more with the candidate than the employer, as the candidates in some fields can pick and choose which job they want, and what incentives are appealing to them. So what can an employer do to offer a magnetic attraction to suitable candidates with the right skills and talents using creative recruitment ideas? Failure to increase attraction only makes it easier for your competition to snag the best candidates from the market.

Recruitment best practices to attract niche talent

Review your recruitment processes

How do you advertise your openings? Through job advertisements in newspapers? On online job boards? By word of mouth? Or, through LinkedIn and other social media?

Revise your strategy

Drop all the assumptions you may have had about the importance of the recruitment you are offering. Is the candidate desperate to come on board or are you desperate to have the candidate join you? Once you have decided the answer to this question, and realized that you need to make sure that the candidate comes on board, you need to start setting your house right. Recognize the strengths offered by your company, take pride in it and project its positive aspects as you write that job advertisement.

Up the ante

See what works when placing your advertisement. Do you want to post a serious-sounding or drably worded job description? Do you want to make it sound appealing by using a friendly and conversational tone and perhaps use visuals and infographics to explain what you are offering and why the applicants should feel like throwing their lot in with you? Or are you happy to stay with a job description which was drafted years ago and sounds dull as ditch water, even to yourself? And be sure to employ the media that offer the best exposure to the type of candidate you’re searching for.

Scout around

Look around and identify the forums and groups on social media, institutes and other platforms that are attractive to the kind of candidates you are looking to attract. Get their attention through sponsoring events and showcasing the importance of these skills to your business needs and build your employer image right.

Be flexible

A talented worker may come along, but have issues with what you are offering by way of work hours, location or other details. Shed your rigidity and work out a win-win arrangement. You may be open to offering flexible hours, remote work, work-from-home or other accommodation as long as you are certain that the worker will deliver what you need and will not take advantage of your compromise.

Employ contingent workers

For the really niche skills, use a staffing company that offers candidates for the segment you require, and ensures the highest quality of candidates.

Build an alumni network

Whether permanent or contingent, make sure that a worker who offers the specific skills and talent you need is always in touch with you, even after the end of their stint with you. Make sure that the good performers are aware of your willingness to invite them back into the fold when your needs call for their skills.

Offer opportunities for growth

Be willing to offer them continued learning and training through courses and seminars for professional development, better opportunities, career growth and other perks that meet their aspirational needs.

Invite referrals

Once you get a highly skilled candidate on board, get them to refer people from their personal as well as professional networks to the organization by offering concrete incentives that are guaranteed to satisfy them.

Nothing can be achieved overnight, but a strategy that’s followed consistently will ensure that these recruitment best practices provide you with a strategy that will succeed not just in the short-term but also for the long haul.

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What are you doing to attract niche talent?

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