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You May Replicate, but You Can Never Duplicate: DCR’s Mantra of the Month

If you’ve been looking around at various Vendor Management Systems lately you may have noticed a bit of a trend. It seems as if some of the other providers have started to put up changing images on their website.

If it sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because DCR has been doing our Mantra of the Month (a changing web image with accompanying marketing tactics) since May 2014.

Frankly, we’re flattered.

We believe that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

But we also think that they’ve probably missed the point. While the others are putting up pretty images, they probably didn’t realize that at DCR, we don’t just put up a picture and call it a day. We create an entire monthly marketing plan surrounding our Mantra of the Month.

Strategy first and foremost

Our image is carefully selected and it’s directly tied in to our marketing strategy: It’s reflected across the entire DCR website, Smart Track and all social media promotions as well as represents the feature article and cover image of DCR TrendLine. Additionally, our featured collateral on our digital bookshelf is likewise related to the mantra for that particular month.

We have tossed aside great images because they don’t reflect our company, our image and our innovation.

A picture paints 1,000 words…

To make the cut, a picture truly does have to paint 1,000 words because it often showcases how DCR solutions and services are the number one answer to solve our clients’ biggest pain points, as we offer the very best features and capabilities in the market for both clients and partners.

­­­One perfect example is the multi-colored smoke and accompanying copy celebrating how flexible Smart Track is. An amazing image, yet our copy and marketing strategy is what really ties it all together. As a company, we believe in communication.

 Innovations and promotions

At the same time, the mantra serves as a way for us to promote new feature announcements, industry­-related issues or tie into current events. One example is the August 2016 mantra that was related to the 2016 Summer Olympics, yet the imagery also succinctly and immediately shows how flexible Smart Track is.

So while others replicate, they will never duplicate DCR’s Mantra of the Month!

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