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The Ripple Effect of the Digital Generation

Do you have a digital business strategy for your services procurement?

I get it. It’s easy to stay stuck in the same gear. It’s comfortable. You don’t have to learn anything new nor do you have to potentially experience a little frustration with the technological change.

As businesses continue to use more resources on a contingent or consultative basis, there are so many factors that come into play. Many items that require tracking. Compliance issues to contend with. But if you’re still doing things the old-school way, perhaps using an Excel spreadsheet to keep tabs on things, you’re really doing your company, your staff and yourself a disservice.

Making the leap

The most amazing thing is not what happens when you make the leap. The most amazing thing is the ripple effect it has on other aspects of your business. The initial change will lead to secondary and tertiary effects, which all add up to more critical, positive change than the initial disruption has.

Here are a couple of action items to start you on the path to a digital services procurement solution:

  • Assess how incorporating a digital strategy against the non-digital systems will improve workflow.
  • Evaluate Vendor Management System (VMS) solutions to determine whether they offer a level of functionality that merits investment.
  • Perform a gap analysis between this level of functionality and that offered by your existing application(s) or manual input.
  • Justify a business case for investing in a VMS. Don’t put all your eggs in the short-term bucket though; instead plan for a long-term strategic plan that will include secondary and tertiary effects including relying on increased data to drive your business solutions.

We’ve all been guilty of staying stuck in the comfort zone at some point. As we head to a new year, isn’t it time you consider moving to a digital strategy for your services procurement?

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