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SIG Innovations in Vendor Management Systems Technology Series – Implementation and Consulting

Editor’s Note: This is the sixth of a six-part series dedicated to the Sourcing Industry Group’s report, “Innovations in Vendor Management Systems Technology 2016” which is sponsored in part by DCR. References in italics are taken directly from the SIG report along with the corresponding page number.

Once you’ve decided to invest in or upgrade your Vendor Management System (VMS), the next phase is implementation and ongoing consulting. Every company varies in how it provides these services and some provide little in the way of ongoing consulting. This is another area of excellence for DCR.

As a company, our history is embedded in business process management and data, so our discovery process is extremely thorough and often unearths points that clients may not have previously considered. DCR conducts a rigorous discovery process aimed at identifying all engaged suppliers and temporary workers, examining usage of temporary workers, quantifying spend, comparing actual to market rates, assessing risk, and determining potential areas for increased operational efficiency (p. 55).

We delve deep into the metrics to ensure that we’ll meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. DCR considers four factors – quality, effect, cost, and risk – in order to define a measurable desired state, and develop plans and programs for achieving the desired state in a specified timeframe (p. 55). By using a Six Sigma process, we’re able to ensure all stakeholders are in agreement, and that is just one more way we’re set apart from the competition. It all stems back to our roots in business process consulting.

We don’t think of our services as merely implementing a software. We consider ourselves a partner and a source to turn to again and again. In addition to the standard quarterly business reviews, DCR offers on-going consulting and continuous improvement workshops for their clients (p. 55). As we shift more toward offering business intelligence guidance, we’re veering away from the full-service Managed Service Program (MSP) model.

Most importantly, when clients are immersed in Smart Track technology, DCR helps develop the metrics and goals and then provides clients with the resources to deliver the intended results (p. 55). We want to work alongside our clients to deliver the best possible experience, not just hand them a technology to figure out.

Big data is useless without the intelligence to analyze and decipher it – that’s where our proprietary SIMSIM Engine, Natural Language Processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning come in, coupled with our very human Business Intelligence Team! As consultants by trade, we’ve developed a unique blend of technology and human intelligence to take our clients’ businesses to the next level.

As we edge closer toward 2017, we’ll only be intensifying our analyzation of metrics – taking a deeper look into predictive and prescriptive analytics to give our clients the utmost in competitive intelligence in their non-employee workforce.

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Dave is an Executive Vice President of Business Development at DCR. He and his team work with partners and institutions to establish next generation contingent labor and services procurement programs using Smart Track VMS.