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Smart Track NOW Hackathon – The 5 Day Phenomenon

The teams were selected. The project was defined. The race was on.

Who was going to make it to the finish line first?

Did either team find any surprises along the way?

Were there any secret weapons? (Hint: Late nights and lattes plus plenty of pizza helped get everyone through the process, but alas there were no secret weapons.)

This was DCR’s first hackathon. The purpose was to hack Smart Track NOW, DCR’s incredible new solution for mid-market companies that allows complete flexibility to have the system grow as a company’s needs change and grow.

Listen in about what participants thought of the Smart Track NOW Hackathon here:

We have totally reinvented how a VMS is configured, how it can expand from a minimal contingent workforce solution to a full-blown, global solution capable of handling complex Statement of Work projects simply be adding integrations and modules, without the need to rip and replace the software and without having to go through an entirely new implementation process.

The winner is…

Really, the winner is all of our clients and suppliers because this is just another way that we created an innovative solution to show that we can fulfill expectations faster than a speeding bullet, while maintaining absolute flexibility and creating a technological wonder that meets individual organization’s demands, not just give them a cookie-cutter tool with extremely limited parameters.

We have captured great ideas and found new ways of doing things and working together. We solved issues in days or hours. We have cut costs and shaved time. And, yes, we have also opened up some additional questions and unearthed some areas for improvement. That is what a hackathon is all about!

In the end, we proved what we set out to prove, and that’s the fact that we can provide an entire Smart Track NOW Implementation – from initial requisition gathering to a go-live – in five days…that a client can use immediately and see a return on investment in a New York minute, with unlimited possibilities to scale up without ever having to change software or systems or providers. And we’re quite proud of that, to be honest.

Call us at 1-888-DCR-4VMS or email us at to see this new five-day phenomenon we call Smart Track NOW!

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  1. This was very clear and honest. Thank you so much for the information, it really opened my eyes to some things I hadn’t thought about before.

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