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Smart Track NOW: DCR’s Mid-market VMS Solution Showcases Continued Success

A major university was struggling to capture the details on its extended workforce with no end in sight. They realized they needed a Vendor Management System, but no matter where they turned, they were expensive, too sophisticated for their needs and took months to implement and integrate with exiting systems. Didn’t something exist that was the right fit for their limited needs, budget, time and resources?

After talking to them, it sounded like the perfect testing ground for Smart Track NOW – our rapid implementation, mid-market, out-of-the-box VMS – so we quickly developed a pilot study with the university’s blessing.

The university, while on a tight budget, had very specific goals:

  • Reducing cycle time
  • Increasing adoption
  • Improving visibility
  • Providing real-time reports
  • Scaling to more functionality later
  • Implementing a solution in weeks, not months

Rather than ruin a great story, you can read all of the details in our short and sweet customer success story, “Smart Track NOW:  DCR’s Mid-market VMS Solution Makes Successful Debut”.

Spoiler alert: DCR was able to successfully implement Smart Track NOW, so the client had a fully functioning VMS technology solution within one week, to their exact requirements, that was able to reduce the extended workforce cycle time, increase adoption, improve visibility and provide real-time reports out of the box.

And since Smart Track NOW is fully scalable, they will be able to quickly and easily increase their functionality down the road by integrating with other systems and adding enhanced modules, even scale all the way to an enterprise-level VMS with global capabilities and an advanced services procurement solution, if that is what they need in the future.

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