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Smart Track NOW – A VMS Technology for Mid-market Companies

DCR has taken everything you thought you knew about a VMS and flipped it on its head with the roll-out of Smart Track NOW.

What is Smart Track NOW?

Smart Track NOW is a totally reimagined breakthrough solution to Vendor Management System technology for mid-market companies that is our out-of-the-box answer that works for a company now, as well as has the potential for unlimited scale-up possibilities to a full global enterprise solution down the road, if and when a company requires that type of functionality.

Built to support a growing, changing, always-on digital marketplace, Smart Track NOW has done the unthinkable – taken a full-featured VMS with client-specific unique requirements and had it up-and-running within one week, shaving months off of a typical implementation. Yet another industry-first feather in our cap!

Learn more about this phenomenal and ground-breaking solution in our “SMART TRACK NOW – MID-MARKET VMS SOLUTION” brochure.

Since it’s not merely a simplistic pat answer to a complex issue, a Smart Track NOW Implementation covers everything from the initial requirements gathering specific to each client all the way through to an implementation and roll-out of a full Smart Track NOW in production, ready to use, with the intent of providing immediate return on investment for our clients from day one.

Our Client Delivery Specialists can tell you more in this short video:

We built Smart Track NOW on a Smart Agile framework in the cloud, and streamlined it with out-of-the-box configuration that allows the team to define, build and deliver an express implementation in an unheard-of one week timeframe.

It’s perfect for mid-market companies that want to manage their extended workforce without the costs and time-consuming roll-outs associated with enterprise-level services.

People first and foremost

It’s not just the technology solution that makes all the difference. We built Smart Track NOW with a people-first mindset, meaning that our solution is intuitive and built to work with your people, even turning into a trusted co-worker that provides reliable recommendations and dependable strategies for your extended workforce and non-employee management.

Because it is not just a “limited version” of VMS technology, you won’t find restricted templates, controlled functionality or regulated workflows. What you will discover, however, is a robust and dynamic VMS solution with the potential to include integrations and advanced functionality such as Statement of Work (SOW) modules going forward.

We have not reduced capabilities. In fact with our newly-designed front-end configurability, it’s now easier than ever to turn on or turn off features as you need them.

Smart Track NOW is designed to grow as your business objectives grow, so there’s no need to switch or upgrade to a different system in the future, helping you avoid system disruptions and the intense time and cost involved when you have to re-implement a totally new solution to meet growth.

You really have to see it in action to believe it! Call 1-888-DCR-4VMS or email to request a demo today.

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