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A Smooth Transition: Advanced VMS Users Require Enhanced Change Management Practices

You know the drill. Upper management announces that an integral business system is changing. Even though the users may have complained about the old system or it didn’t meet your business objectives any longer, it was familiar.

Like a comfortable, old sweater, users just turned to it and took certain actions in the systems, often not even knowing why they had to take them or what business results they were driving. Additionally, they’re often entrenched in their established routine and day-to-day actions come automatically. And let’s face it, change is just hard for all of us.

Once the decision to upgrade to a system that provides advanced analytics and more robust system requirements such as Smart Track, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes prep work that goes into making sure that the transition is a smooth one that does not disrupt business in any way. Because, let’s face it: The work doesn’t stop just because there’s a change underway.

Listen in as our Implementation Team members describe how easy we make change management for advanced users:

Preparation is key

Implementing a new technology is similar to painting a house. Most of the time involved goes into the prep work, so the painting itself is easy. So it is with Smart Track – most of the time is built in to the front end, so that when it’s rolled out, it’s easy for users to pick up where the other system left off.

DCR has several next-level solutions for change management practices that includes intensive training, communication and customer service.

Training – DCR works with our clients to ensure that there’s a seamless user transition from another technology to Smart Track. When you only require a VMS to track your standard contingent workforce, change management is relatively straightforward.

However, when you realize all of the capabilities in Smart Track, you’ll appreciate the level of training and ongoing support that we provide to assist with change management. Part of our solution includes:

  • DCR’s proprietary Sure Step implementation process that creates a smooth transition, particularly for advanced users
  • Advanced training services to get users up to speed quickly
  • Gamification, which is embedded in Smart Track to help with engagement, adoption and inclusion

Communication – We don’t just believe in communication. We insist on strategic communication before, during and after the implementation.

We accomplish this with:

  • Micro-messaging that’s both inspirational and actionable to confirm that important messages regarding change management and all aspects of training are communicated to all stakeholders
  • DCR DASH promotions to communicate Smart Track iterations and improvements to all stakeholders, once the system is up and running
  • A special DCR Communications Team that delivers ongoing communications to all stakeholders every step of the way

Customer service – At DCR, we have a consultative arm that we refer to as VMS+ where we’re not just a technology service provider who drops off a shiny new system to play with.

We provide strategic consulting that includes:

  • Industry best practices to ensure you’re staying on the cutting edge
  • Making suggestions on what you should or shouldn’t do given the current state of your ecosystem
  • Partnering with you to take your non-employee management to the next level

Globalization is putting increasing pressure on how we do business to compete. Successful companies need to keep pace with the latest developments and that includes instituting change management best practices. We prefer to be the company that creates the best practices that others follow.

When all is said and done, it’s not about just getting people to “use” the system, it becomes more about getting all of the deep functionality out of the system so you can make precise strategic moves. To learn more about Smart Track’s advanced capabilities, read “Advanced Vendor Management System Users Have Magnified Business Needs”.

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