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You Snooze, You Lose! If You Missed CWS Summit, Better Plan on Going Next Year

CWS Summit was full of cutting-edge topics.

They say “You snooze, you lose” and it couldn’t be more accurate with this year’s CWS Summit held in Las Vegas. It wasn’t the same-old, same-old rehashed talk from last year.

This industry is evolving at a rapid pace, even as we speak – as the event theme declared – and the attendees, sponsors and companies can attest to that.

Here are just a few fast facts from the summit:

  • There were more than 150 new attendees.
  • There were nearly 100 new companies in attendance.
  • The topics were wide ranging and cutting-edge.
  • The networking opportunities abounded at the event and off-site.

We worked non-stop at the event so attendees could find out more about DCR and Smart Track. Here’s a peek into this year’s event:

If you didn’t attend this year, you really missed out on a lot of great details, action items and incredible networking. My advice for next year: Put it in the budget. Put in on your calendar. See you in Dallas!

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Dave is an Executive Vice President of Business Development at DCR. He and his team work with partners and institutions to establish next generation contingent labor and services procurement programs using Smart Track VMS.