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So, What Is It That You DO All Day? A Day in the Life of the DCR Product Development Team

Remember that classic 1983 movie Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd where they step into each other’s shoes as part of an elaborate scheme? Well, we thought it would be fun to step into the lives of our employees and give you a glimpse into what they DO all day. This month, we’ll be featuring our Product Development Team. Special thanks to Umut Deniz and Recep Aslan for contributing to this post.

8ish – Coffee and coding: DCR has a very flexible work environment, so as long as the work gets done, work hours are flexible. As such, the development team usually arrives between 8 and 8:30. To start the day, we go into the break room to grab a cup of java or a spot of tea and catch up on the morning chit-chat. If it’s Friday, DCR sponsors a weekly breakfast, so we grab something delicious to eat and head back to our desks.

As soon as we sit down, the morning rush begins as we fire up our laptops and surge through all of the numerous emails that have come in overnight from our offshore team regarding any coding or other issues. The offshore team is comprised of hundreds of workers, so you can imagine the sheer volume of emails to wade through! We check to see if there are any issues that need to be dealt with immediately, prioritizing messages like a software triage team, handling the most urgent issues first and so on down the line.

After quickly reading and responding to the emails, the meetings start. Meetings are often back-to-back and take up the majority of the early morning. We go over any issues that couldn’t be immediately addressed through email as well as any outstanding production issues.

At DCR, we have designated walls with special paint to write on. We use this for our brainstorming sessions when we gather to hash out an idea or solve an issue. Sometimes we gather as a group and other times a couple of us will get together to draw up ideas. The wall lets us really visualize some unique and innovative solutions for our clients. We quite literally draw a conclusion!

This all leads up to us coding and coding and coding. We may be working on something from our Product Roadmap or inspiration developed through idealab or just a day-to-day issue. We have many clients in several industries, so we need to be good at juggling and prioritizing. And we’re constantly innovating. After all, our motto is innovation as usual.

10ish – Mid-morning munchies and more: Time for a company-sponsored bite to eat from the snack cart. Hmm, decisions, decisions. Will it be a crisp apple or a bag of tasty coconut chips?

Whew! Time goes by pretty quickly when we’re engrossed in writing code so the morning has flown by. Working with all of those 1’s and 0’s gives us quite an appetite.

12ish – Lunch bunch: If there’s a company birthday celebration, we all hang out in the innovation/game area for lunch. Otherwise some of the team goes home, some go to local restaurants together and some skip lunch altogether opting for yet another cup of coffee. It’s a time for refreshing our minds and getting out of the office for a bit.

1ish – Afternoon analytics: In the afternoon, more coffee is consumed. Some of the team is still coding away while others are gathering and analyzing the vast amount of data in the system. Afternoons are usually reserved for big picture thinking, creating product mockups, analyzing market and customer data, testing and tweaking new code or working on demos and training sessions for new releases.

Analysis includes staying current with competitors, checking tech blogs, reading industry news and watching market trends. We stay current not only with the tech industry but also with our customers’ industries as well so we can help them make strategic business decisions.

3ish – Mid-afternoon matches: After hours of troubleshooting, testing and tweaking, it’s table tennis time! We enjoy a friendly mid-afternoon match on occasion. It helps break up the afternoon and is good exercise. Plus, we never know when a brilliant idea is likely to strike! Each day in Product Development work is dynamic, but table tennis and coffee is constant.

4ish – Work wrap-up: Every day comes with a different set of challenges and objectives. Perhaps we deploy new features in our sandbox or round off the code at a good point to pick it up again in the morning. As it winds down, we check any last-minute messages and deal with them accordingly if they require any immediate attention or add them to the next day’s to-do list. If there’s a burning issue, we take our laptops home and continue to work on it.

5ish – Head home: The day is done so we head for home, happy hour or hanging out. At DCR, we’re more like an extended family because we often get together after work, so you might find a group of us chilling at the beach, having a beer or playing video games.

As you can see, we do more than just sit and stare at a computer all day. We have many tasks and have to constantly juggle priorities because we’re working on all of our clients’ needs simultaneously along with our internal objectives.

In the end, it’s our creation that the client uses on a daily basis, so we work diligently to produce the finest result possible.

Listen to us talk about it in this short video clip below.

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  1. Shelley Luzaich says:

    Our Product Development Team does a fantastic job of not only turning our client’s desires from a request to a reality but also should be commended for coming up with their own fresh ideas to make our client’s lives better.
    I often hear a faint click-click, click-click, click-click, click-click in the late afternoon coming from the Innovation area, so maybe they DO get their best inspiration from playing table tennis! 🙂

Vinay is a software engineer at DCR, currently working on data analytics. He enjoys programming and learning about new technologies.