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Social Media for Hiring

Recent research by ASA member Aon Consulting says the companies they surveyed expect slightly or significantly greater hiring volumes in 2011 then when compared with 2010. For more than 50% of all the companies surveyed three parameters emerged as the most important and sought after. These are – in a random order – the quality of the candidate, productivity of the candidate on the job and a strong aversion to early turnover.

Seeking the Right Fit

Generally, a wrong hire is like a square peg in a round hole, someone who usually will not offer any work-around solution either. The riveting high drama of the movie chronicling the failed space mission Apollo 13 has scenes where 3 lives depended on the solution to a simple problem: How to connect a square peg to a round hole! And they actually find a solution… much to the jealousy of many a HR professional, I am sure!

The growing importance of staffing in the overall strategy of a company’s vision is very simply and tellingly brought home to the recruiting professionals, by the simple expedient of replacing the term ‘Human Resources’ with ‘Human Capital’! So, these assets have to be brought in through a diligent VMS and MSP provider exercising the utmost caution and adopting the most innovative methods to recruit candidates. If they ended up choosing, for any reason – a square peg to fit into a round hole – the first two metrics that would take a beating would be – productivity and early turnover.

Need and Scope

The time has come for the candidates and the companies alike to go out there and create for themselves an identity, showcasing their strengths, capabilities and plans for the future. The social media provides an ample scope for this at the moment. Social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are just a few of the resources which can be tapped into. Social Media today is extremely important for fulfilling the two important functions – and recruitment sourcing marketing – of any Vendor.

Some call the use of Social Media a fad, some call it an obsession, some may even call it a religion – I just think it is a necessity and actually fulfills a real need. Let us hope it stays that way and does not result in creating nervous wrecks out of people, as in the case of a dear friend who desperately needed to replace a gadget and found online venom spewing against each and every brand she considered!

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