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Spooktacular and Scary – Haunted Halloween at DCR…with a Bizarre Twist!

Ugh. Getting off the elevator, I ran into a huge spider web. Blood was oozing down the door. Inside there were skulls, bats and ghosts at every turn. Was I at the Trail of Terror? No just another day at the office.

Howlin’ Halloween is NOT a day for the faint of heart at DCR!

Murder mystery

All aboard! There was a Murder Mystery on the Ghost Train. Don Breathin was murdered by two puncture wounds in the neck. Was Flo Ting capable and crazy enough to kill? Did Frank Enstein have the motive after a horrible accident last year? Or perhaps it was Dee Composed – did she have skeletons in her closet? Did Ben Tover have the guts to do it? Count Ing had a vicious argument with Don, did it push the Count over the edge?

There were 12 of us dastardly deviants – and each one of us was a suspect with dirty secrets to hide. No one knew whodunit, not even the killer. Only Inspector Hal O’Ween knew the identity of the murderer. Was it me – Cassie Spells – a self-proclaimed neat freak who was grossing out over all the blood? (Dah, dah, dahhhhhhhhh.) I’ll never tell. I will take that secret to the grave!

Side note: Many of us are in the wrong profession – we took acting to the next level or, um, at least “another” level!

Finger food

My angel wings were in the shop, so I had to fly around on my broomstick. So I made little broomsticks (Reese’s minis and pretzel sticks), then flew around the den of doom handing them out to brave souls.

We also had finger food, creepy cupcakes and sweet poison as well as trick-or-treat bags to get our candy.

I admit it. I ate too much chocolate. Again. You’d think I’d learn by now. But nope. Maybe next year.

Crazy costumes

From the dearly deceased (Prince) to disco dude and dudette (those shoes tho’), we had plenty to gawk at throughout the day. Monsters, Morticia Adams and the Mad Hatter. Dracula (reformed), a skeleton and a pirate. Queen bee (not Beyonce, ha), Nemo and…unicorns? Okay, not everyone was super scary. But everyone had lots of spirit!

Of all the crazy costumes, it was the Pumpkin King who creeped me out the most. He just wouldn’t give up the character. Hiding. Lurking. Creeping up on people all. day. long.

That voice!

That mask!

Well, see for yourself…if you dare.


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