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Some Staffing Company Best Practices

Curious to know why some staffing suppliers succeed while others find it hard to survive the narrow margins, rising payroll taxes and headcount cutbacks; we have looked at the various aspects of the performance of hundreds of suppliers to derive some best practices which are followed by the most successful staffing agencies in the industry.

Some insights:

  • Successful staffing agencies do not just depend upon job boards to recruit talent. They go the extra mile to use other online as well as offline resources, networks and groups to expand their reach and find the best candidates. They use available technology and do not hesitate to upgrade as technologies change and evolve, constantly offering improvements.
  • They understand the market and its trends, and seek ways to use these trends to their clients’ advantage.
  • They provide a high degree of client communication and interaction, with formal processes for addressing client suggestions and concerns.
  • They create a strong database of pre-qualified active and passive candidates so that any requirement can rapidly be met.!
  • In profiling candidates, they focus equally on the required skills as well as the style of work that best fits the client’s culture and work environment.  They also put in the necessary effort to understand what the candidates are looking for from a job – like pay, training or experience, length of assignment, benefits etc.
  • Their recruiters have the technical knowledge and industry experience needed to source and recruit high quality resources.
  • They are 100% compliant with the company’s onboarding requirements, verifying that all reference checking, background checks, drug tests, and completion of required documents is done prior to assignment commencement.  They place equal attention to off-boarding requirements, verifying that their contractors have returned all assets, all system and facility access has been terminated, and both the supervising manager and worker have completed post-employment surveys or interviews. They guarantee the quality of the workers they provide, addressing all issues and replacing workers, if requested.
  • Staffing agencies can thus enable the client to not just access but also manage their contingent workforce with ease. By adopting a Vendor Management System, the staffing agency’s efficiency levels can be improved manifold.

Staffing agencies provide additional protection to their clients from potential co-employment claims by reinforcing, through written agreements and through orientation, that they are the exclusive employer of record.

If you are a staffing company, please share some of your best practices and client-facing strategies with us.


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