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Strategic Use of Social Media

Many people have said it in different ways and ultimately everything boils down to the same: Life is itself a holiday when you get to do work you love, because then it is play for which you get pay!

Please come to play!:

Companies today are getting people to play games to get hired! Marriott, the hospitality giant, has unwittingly put the wisdom of this approach to the test by launching an interactive game on Facebook and attracting players from 99 countries within 3 weeks of the launch. The game is offered in 5 languages (English, Mandarin, Arabic, French and Spanish) where players get to manage the virtual kitchen of a hotel restaurant and graduate to higher levels managing hotel operations and earn and lose points like in any other game – till the operations turn a profit. The players who are interested in a job with Marriott can click on a link and go to the career site.

Marriott spent an undisclosed amount on this game which is to help its employer brand awareness and talent acquisition. And Marriott is not alone in using social media to boost its recruiting, marketing and customer engagement efforts. Through this effort, Marriott has managed to attract the right kind of people to fit their requirements, indirectly trained them on the ‘rules of the game’ or job role before getting them on board; and these recruits can be expected to hit the ground running.  What the game does for the brand awareness of Marriott through showcasing the rules and values by which their hotels are run is a perk the value of which can never properly be monetized.

Social Media is Everywhere!

The Public relations and communications firm Burson-Marsteller’s survey called 2011 Global Social Media Check-up has found that 77 percent of Fortune Global 100 companies are using Twitter, 61 percent have company Facebook pages, 57 percent have YouTube channels and 36 percent have corporate blogs. But only 1 in 10 uses them for recruiting. It is hard for companies which are not tech-savvy to make the transition to this mode, especially if they are targeting people who may not be tech-savvy either.

If your business needs employees who can be classified as the young crowd, then FB is a definite route to getting their attention and interest. But then, it will also be necessary to institute a work culture that suits the kind of young crowd that one has managed to attract, to sustain their interest and continued appreciation and loyalty.

Do you have a Brand Image – online?:

While many companies have just created a presence for themselves on social media, some have made social media a part of their recruiting strategy through interacting with potential hires on different social networking sites, posting jobs on those sites and by joining professional groups and talent communities.

Managing one’s reputation on social media has to be handled strategically and according to a game plan and this need is spawning a lot of new consultancy and support opportunities in this field. Since there are many different options and possibilities open to adoption, a lot of careful research and effort are required to handle the whole affair in the right way. As web resources are many times open and free to use, some of these options may come without any cost, so it is not possible for companies to just go for the bigger, better and costlier option – to optimize upon the possible results.

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