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As Summer Turns into Autumn, the Only Thing Constant is Change Management

Today marks the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, officially turning from summer into fall. On this day, the number of hours of daylight and darkness are equal because the sun is aligned with the center of the Earth between the north and south of the planet. It marks the change into shorter days and longer nights. And with that comes change, particularly in the northernmost regions. Leaves fall. Birds migrate. Temperatures drop. Similarly, companies experience change and with that comes a slew of change management best practices.

Companies experience change management year-round

Unlike a significant mark on the calendar, companies also experience change. And while a significant change may be tied to a date on the calendar, as with a new software implementation, how the change is accepted is paramount. That’s why entire teams are dedicated to change management. You can have the best idea, software, solution in the world, but if it’s not accepted and USED, what good is it?

Companies are undergoing heightened global competitiveness and know they’re under the gun to implement the best change management techniques, the finest processes and the choicest solutions. They’re looking for transformative answers.

Transformation doesn’t always come easy

Once you have buy-in to get the answer you’re looking for, then comes the challenging part. Getting people to use it. Transformation doesn’t always come easy. Successful change management is a process.

Let’s face it, there’s may be resistance, possibly pushback or blatant rejection. Let’s just call-out the elephant in the room. When it comes to change management issues, you could be up against a three-pronged beast:

  • Individual – it’s human nature to resist change
  • Company culture – they may embrace or reject change
  • Software or system itself – it may be easy or hard to adopt

What we’ve found is that companies will only reap the rewards of any new technology if the long-term structural transformation is altered, the status quo is disrupted and the change is absorbed and entrenched at the individual level yet keeping in mind the company’s business goals and objectives.

As huge proponents of change management principles, DCR is dedicated to not just assisting with change management with our Smart Track Vendor Management System (VMS), by going the extra mile and creating a gamified solution that makes people want to engage with Smart Track. We don’t just put together an instruction sheet for users and send it to our customers. We have tackled change management head on by literally INTERNALIZING change management with gamification! You can read about it in our customer success story: “Tackling Change Management” here.

Additionally, we have created a world-class change management program to increase engagement, adoption and inclusion that includes:

  • Proprietary Sure Step implementation process that creates a smooth implementation process
  • Micro-messaging that’s both inspirational and actionable to confirm that everything is communicated to all stakeholders
  • DCR DASH promotions to communicate Smart Track iterations and improvements
  • Gamification within Smart Track because having fun generates excitement to actually use the system to its fullest potential, which drives results
  • DCR Communications Team to deliver ongoing communications to all stakeholders

Globalization is putting increasing pressure on how we do business to compete. Successful companies need to keep pace with the latest developments and that’s going to include change and change management practices.

In the world of contingent workforce management, that includes incorporating a VMS in your management corner. One that takes change management to the next level. Smart Track.

To learn more about Smart Track and our change management best practices, email us at

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