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Like a Tailored Suit…Freelancer Interviews Made Easy with Customizable Questionnaire

Interviews are tricky. They force you to make up your mind about the desirability of a candidate, in a very short span of time while demanding a great deal of focus. Most interviewers find themselves being distracted from a uniform verification of the desired capabilities in every applicant. It’s also difficult to decide whether a candidate offers a reasonable fit against someone with an extraordinary fit. Thus, they end up with an average or good candidate and miss out on the great ones, who could have made a difference to their business needs.

Same-old, same-old freelancer interviews

When recruiting freelancers, it’s easy for any interviewer to elicit the following boilerplate information from the candidates:

  • Their education
  • Prior work experience
  • Matching the experience to the project in hand
  • Their capabilities and skill sets
  • Writing skills
  • Knowledge of various software or computer Skills
  • Their working style and ability to work remotely and without supervision
  • Their suitability for a full time role at a future date

This is a time waster, when now you can take all such routine questions and extract the important information about the candidates through the applicant questionnaire by incorporating all the relevant questions into it. What this means for  you is that you’ll not only save precious time during the interview, but also help the recruiter to focus on more important and intuitive aspects of the candidate’s suitability for the role.

Additionally, once you’ve narrowed down the candidates to the cream of the crop, you can ask probing questions during the face-to-face interview that are more telling to a person’s suitability and fit in the company’s culture instead of focusing on the same-old, same-old questions. When you develop all your own must-have questions, the Applicant Questionnaire fits the best candidates like a tailored suit and they will stand tall above the so-so candidates.

Here are a couple of examples of the time-saving aspects of this feature:

  • If work experience is not sufficient proof of someone’s competencies and having certification from specific institutes mandatory before undertaking an assignment, such details can also form a part of the questionnaire. A similar drill down is possible with classifications, clearances, etc., required by certain role requirements.
  • If the role requires travel abroad, it’s necessary to ensure that the candidate has a valid and current passport. If the project demands travel abroad, not having a current passport makes travel to a country like Singapore impossible, where visa is refused to someone whose passport has less than six months’ validity.

These are just illustrative examples and offer possibilities for verifying many different qualities and qualifications which need to be probed with each of the candidates.

Time-saving Applicant Questionnaire provides uniformity

A utility such as the Applicant Questionnaire in DCR’s Smart Track VMS can make the verification process easy and effective. The questions can be quickly customized to the job titles and loaded into the system. The questions may also be assigned a value based on the answer. Where more than one requirement needs to be fulfilled, the responses may be ranked by a point value and the overall total of points obtained may be the deciding factor in a selection process.

Once created, these values will be permanently stored in the system and can come in useful for subsequent recruitment efforts. It can minimize the human element and provide a uniformity and standardization to the selection process and find you candidates who set the bar really high.

The tool is highly flexible and offers endless possibilities for formulating question-response sets that may allow multiple answers to a single question or restrict the candidate to a single answer. The questions can be made mandatory and they can also weed out certain applicants who do not meet the required criteria, reducing the workload on the interviewers and saving time.

The Applicant Questionnaire is a unique feature offered by DCR’s Smart Track VMS. This feature makes it possible for the interview to transcend beyond the typical questions that only help an interviewer to establish the skills of the freelancer and their years of experience.

This feature helps you identify the candidates who offer top-notch qualities and saves you from having to settle for a candidate who brings in just adequate capabilities and it also can save the day by standardizing processes so you don’t miss out on asking about important required qualities resulting in having to start the recruitment process all over again!

What are your must-have questions you’d add in the Applicant Questionnaire?

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2 responses to “Like a Tailored Suit…Freelancer Interviews Made Easy with Customizable Questionnaire”

  1. Lalita says:

    Such a customized questionnaire for each of the roles allows a recruiter to establish a dependable process, while easing on the stress of missing out on important points during the interview. Commendably innovative!

  2. Great message. I would like to chime my thoughts and include a staple of interviewing success includes the analytical observation of rapport building skills. Does the candidate have the unique, rare ability to build genuine workable relationship with future bosses, prospective colleagues and key partners? The “Options” section of the “Application Questionnaire Smart Track VMS” product can serve this feature and cite key relationship comments within the Notes Boxes. These comments can be used as key drivers to help build additional team relationship features for new hires and create a quality work-place implementation. I commend the technology DCR has procured for candidate verification and initial development!

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