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Team-building Gone Wild: DCR Celebrates Diversity with Cultural Event, Potluck and Human Bingo

Many companies talk a big talk about team-building, but at DCR we put it into action in many different ways. One of them is our annual cultural potluck that everyone looks forward to. It’s full of food, fun, festivities…and more food! Can you tell that at DCR we like to eat?

Each year, we can’t imagine that this event can get bigger, better or zanier than the previous year. But it does. The amazing part is that we had even more incredible food from various cultures to taste (or go back for second helpings…and third helpings) as we continue to grow.

Fabulous food

Just a few of the tempting treats included vegan mac-and-cheese, sriracha seitan kebabs, tiki masala chicken, patacones, pav bhaji, Papa a la Huancaina, Misluka, jerk chicken and southern caviar, then we topped it all off with assorted desserts including flan, ambrosia, macaroons and cannoli.

Fun and games

Once we were good and stuffed, the fun began. Part of the cultural event is getting to know each other, which gets tougher the faster we grow. So this year, we decided to play Bingo. To add a DCR twist, we turned it in to Human Bingo – meaning we gave each of 16 participants a bingo card with various interesting secret facts in each square that players provided about themselves.

The mysterious items included fun facts such as “I celebrate my birthday for the entire month” to interesting hobbies “I draw and do digital painting” to participating in the gig economy “I’m an Uber driver” and many more.

It ended up being “team-building gone wild” as participants ran around asking each other questions to determine who the mystery person was. Once they figured it out, the person had to sign their name in the box. The first person to get four squares yelled BINGO and won a prize.

Fancy fashions

To take it to the next level, many people wore beautiful, intricately designed and even custom-made clothing from their respective cultures, making the day seem even more authentic.

I received so many remarks about how awesome the entire event was. Of course it will be hard to top it next year.

The comment that summed it up the best was this: “Great experience! It reminded me of big dinners at my grandmother’s house with all the fun conversations, laughing and feeling ‘at home’.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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