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What are the Experts Saying About the Future of Contingent Workforce Management?

At year end, most companies take stock of the progress made and challenges faced during the prior year, and attempt to prepare for the future.  As they chart their course for tomorrow, they must face the question of talent – “What skills are needed to support our strategic initiatives? Where will we find that talent?  How do we get the greatest contribution out of every worker?”

The economic conditions of the past five years has altered the traditional ways in which companies answer these questions. The use of temporary workers increased in frequency, volume and importance. Today, the workforce of virtually every large enterprise includes traditional temporary talent, sourced via staffing vendors, agencies and suppliers; complex contract talent, which is comprised of SOW-based projects, professional services, and consultants; independent contractors (ICs); and evolutionary concepts not seen in the past, such as “enterprise-workforce-as-a-service”.

How does one plan and manage a blended workforce containing permanent employees augmented by all of these types of temporary workers? What additional trends can be anticipated that further complicate talent procurement and management?  Do any of these trends offer new opportunities for business success?

DCR Workforce turned to Christopher Dwyer of Ardent Partners for answers to these questions.  We commissioned him to evaluate the current state of contingent workforce management, going beyond insights to actionable recommendations.

Christopher is well known to most of you, and many of you have benefited from his guidance. His work as the Research Director and Vice President of Operations at Ardent Partners as well as previous research at Aberdeen have positioned him as an acclaimed expert on complex spend management.  He has written hundreds of research reports, and spoken at numerous events on contingent workforce management, travel and expense management, and meetings/events management.

DCR Workforce is pleased to offer to you “The Future of Contingent Workforce Management”, the insightful white paper that explores

  • Implications of outsourcing the management of contingent labor.  Should you outsource?  If so, how much?
  • Intelligence and the next wave of workforce analytics. What do you need to know to effectively run a CWM program?
  • The changing role of human capital technology.  What should be automated, and how?
  • The pros and cons of alternative approaches to managing temporary labor. Who “owns” CWM, and how do you get Procurement and HR on the same page?

In addressing each of these issues, Christopher anticipates future changes that may cause you to think today’s approach.

Through our partnership with Ardent Partners, we hope to help you better understand the key trends that are reshaping the temporary labor industry and the steps that you can take to fully exploit these trends.

To download the white paper, simply go to DCR White Papers section.

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