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There’s No Debate! Smart Track is the World’s Best VMS. Period.

In the U.S., presidential election year gets reallllly old way before the actual debates even begin. Even the kids are complaining this year. But…today’s the day. Soon we’ll find out who will take office for the next four years – the leader of the free world as we know it – as the President of the United States.

Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton will not only inherit the office, he or she will inherit the social media sites, hashtag and playlist (THAT ought to be interesting) of the former president. The world is changing indeed.

Your next vote

The workforce world is also changing, and technology is taking center stage, and as that happens you know that a Vendor Management System plays a critical role in the management of a contingent workforce.

What are the issues?

The biggest factor setting companies apart from their competitors is talent. And to properly manage that talent, companies have to rely on technology to gain insight, put intel to work and stay compliant.

What are the top issues when managing non-employees?

  • Visibility into processes
  • Compliance with all regulations
  • Planning resources and services
  • Statement of Work management
  • Insight with instant reports
  • Strategic prescriptive actions

No debate

Today’s issues demand today’s technology. Clunky old legacy systems just can’t cut it. Smart Track is an advanced, flexible, configurable VMS that can handle all of your contingent workforce issues. There’s no debate. Smart Track is the World’s Best VMS. Period.

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