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They’re Back: Rehiring a Former Employee

A former employee shows up at their old workplace to apply for a position and HR, and the company owner feel torn. On the one hand, rehiring an ex-employee may send the message that the company is desperate and lacks standards. Furthermore, Employees may get the idea that they can just come and go as they please which creates a major retention problem.  But to the company’s credit, former employees that return can show other employees that the company workplace is not that bad and should not be taken for granted. We all know that Millennials like to job hop to further their career, but when is it okay to rehire these boomerang employees?

Analyzing a boomerang employee

The first obvious question is why did this employee leave? Did they leave to start their own business and it didn’t workout, family issues, or maybe even health problems. Basically, if they left for reasons other than poor performance or going to your competitor, you may be able to genuinely reconsider this individual for a position again.

It has been a while since you thought about this person and some investigating may be in order. It is wise to ask other employees about rehiring a former employee and see if they feel good about letting this person back into your workplace. And be warned. If people are not excited about this ex-employee’s return, heed their warning. You don’t want to let a toxic employee back into your halls only to start trouble all over again.

Now, that they want back into your company, are they going to contribute something worthwhile? After all this time spent apart, a former employee should have some new skills or ideas to benefit the company. Experts say that a former employee should be placed in a position that has more responsibilities and work. I guess if you have to come back to your old place of work, you should be better.

There is one big advantage to rehiring a former employee. They know the company culture, the way things work, and what is expected of them. Also, not a lot money or time is wasted in the recruiting process to find a qualified candidate. So, a position is being filled faster, cheaper, and perhaps better.

The simple truth is that all companies will jump at the chance to hire an exceptional employee no matter the situation. So, if by chance your boomerang employee is very skilled, then they are valuable and worth hiring again.

It is tricky to decipher if a boomerang employee is worth rehiring. And in an ever-changing workforce, research shows that this type of employee is becoming more common. I think the best way to handle these individuals is to accurately analyze their skills and motives. Don’t let anyone back in so quickly and if you do rehire a former employee, they need to prove themselves.  You have to walk a fine line of making the best of a situation and not being a doormat. To delve deeper into this subject matter feel free to check out this link.

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