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Time to Act: Get Around to Building those Talent Pipelines

Employees are a most important resource for any organization looking to succeed in the competitive world of business. But the labor market is changing and evolving at warp speed, and there are expectations for employers to compensate for as well as overcome any shortcomings in managing their recruitment efforts. The fact remains that recruiters are facing difficulties attracting suitable candidates who meet their requirements. This situation has actually made it difficult for some organizations to fill important roles, which hold the key to the growth and success of their business. With the job market showing strong growth, the situation is getting further exacerbated as more jobs go unfilled.

One technique that’s being adopted by savvy recruiters to work around this problem is to build talent pipelines for themselves by fostering relationships with passing candidates, interns, retirees and other niche pools as well as through building strong employer referral programs by focusing on their employer brand. All these efforts may work for companies of a reputable size but small businesses may still remain restricted. It’s time employers engage with candidates differently and pursue new avenues to build and grow their own talent pipelines, so they can tap into them when needed.

Build those talent pipelines

Here are some possible ways to achieve this goal in a systematic manner:

Catch ’em young – Consider interns not just as entry level hires but someone who can be groomed and trained, to transition them into full-time employment, even as they adopt to the company’s culture want to stay with the employer. As employees are increasingly averse to committing to one employer, this will be no mean feat, and needs to be handled right. Small companies need to catch up in the use of interns to ensure that their internship programs are handled with care, so a potential candidates are scooped up early and groomed to stay on board.

Convert temp to alum – Temporary workers can be brought on board in a short time at the end of their assignment, if you make the effort to keep in touch with them. Technology can come to your aid here, if you choose a Vendor Management System that offers the capability to establish a network of alumni temporary workers willing to come back to you for a repeat assignment.

Give ’em some action – Having built a pool of passive candidates, whether interns or contingent workers, don’t forget to notify them of a new job opportunity when it becomes available. The job market is currently facing peculiar conditions in which companies are unable to fill open positions, while simultaneously workers are dropping out of the active workforce and refusing to look for a job. So unless you keep actively sharing your open positions through automated messages to keep your pool of candidates interested in a job offer, your talent pipeline could dwindle away to nothing. Remember that an active talent pipeline could reduce your time-to-hire as well as cost-to-hire; and makes your recruiting efforts seem like a cakewalk in these difficult times.

Reach ’em in diverse ways – Online advertising, job boards, alumni networks, social media and employee referrals are just a few of the diverse options available to ensure that your recruitment efforts gain visibility. Explore a variety of channels through which you can reach out to candidates and attract them. Make sure you document every one of these efforts to identify the most effective among them and weed out those that don’t provide results.

Allowing jobs go unfilled for lack of a suitable candidate has a strong negative impact on the profitability and growth of a business. The fact remains that even as jobs are being created, there may be times when recruiters are unable to find qualified candidates. So the time to act is now – whether you’re interested in finding interns, alumni or other niche pools – to help you build your talent pipelines so you’re not caught off guard for any opening you may have.

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