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What Time Is It? Time for a Change to a New VMS Provider!

If you’re among a vast majority of Vendor Management System (VMS) users, you may have an older system, which means it was probably built on older technology. Or even if you have a newer technology, you may not have a system that meets your needs if you’re doing any type of Statement of Work (SOW) projects instead of simple contingent worker needs.

Sure, your system may have worked for you in the past, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should “stick with it” if your business needs have changed, as many have. You should challenge your current provider to meet your expectations, and if they can’t then it’s time for an upgrade to a system that can handle your business needs.

What time is it?

It’s time to look at your dynamic objectives and see if your VMS solution is poised to handle everything your modern business has, and if not, then it’s time for a change.

Older traditional Vendor Management Systems were not built with the digital world in mind because it didn’t really exist at that level back then. There was a time when Smart Track was built on what was once the latest technology, but that time has passed. Smart Track has evolved, and uses all of today’s best technology. Now it’s built on a sleek, cloud-based, flexible and fast-changing architecture to take our clients’ businesses to the next level.

Think about it

Of course, it’s more comfortable to stay with what you know, but if your business isn’t progressing it’s stagnating or even losing steam. A progressive and future-forward VMS such as Smart Track is built with the future of digital in mind because the fabric of the global business world has changed. And it has changed dramatically.

If you were smart enough to invest in a VMS for the past few years for your contingent workforce, it’s probably a good idea to check out its capabilities and see if it meets your current needs. Today, the biggest driver in the work world is talent. Workers are now seen as an organization’s best resource, instead of merely the cost of doing business or a commodity the same as any other.

If your business model still revolves around adding things instead of people, then you probably don’t even need a VMS. However, if your business is focused on innovations and services, then it makes absolute sense to coordinate with HR or Procurement to get the top talent available, as well as a tool to manage them. Even companies that aren’t service-based are focusing on people power as the look for innovation in all areas of their business.

Today’s cutting-edge VMS can do all of that and more.

Departmental demands

As companies shift focus, demands of various departments have changed. And business leaders at the C-suite level are challenged to make more data-driven decisions based on hard data, not guesses or assumptions.

Older systems just were not built with these needs in mind. In fact, most of them were only built to capture limited data, mostly of a transactional nature. Those systems do not have the functionality to capture and report the rich new data types only found in newer systems. Can you “get by” with older systems? Sure. But why would you want to when there’s so many more strategic decisions to be made quickly and easily when you have insight into important new types of information.

Workarounds don’t work

Legacy providers often try to “bolt on” a workaround. Let me tell you this: workarounds don’t work. It’s like taking an old wire coat hanger to hold up your muffler. Eventually it’s going to fall off. Just fix the problem and be done with it. Old systems simply do not have the type of functionality you desire or need.

When you try to integrate an old, clunky system with modern technology to try to extract the data, that doesn’t really work, and can actually lead to more complexity. What if you need another report derived from the data set? You start getting into messy integrations, connections and middleware designed to put a bandage on a gaping hole.

Today’s issues need today’s solutions

So that brings us to today’s issues needing today’s solutions. You need a VMS that’s a real powerhouse when it comes to data, flexibility, speed-to-market, innovations and leading-edge Statement of Work resources.

You need to make strategic decisions based on data presented to you in an easy-to-understand fashion. Smart Track delivers numerous canned reports, you can pull Ad Hoc reports and best of all, our in-house business analytics team is here for you. You ask for it and we’ll deliver. Our experts are in tune with the needs of your business. We have found unique solutions for our clients that they hadn’t thought of simply because we’re always at work behind-the-scenes discovering new ways of doing business for our customers.

You need an action plan and we give it to you.

Smart Track can handle it

The old way of doing business as usual won’t get you to the next level. The C-suite is demanding more, better and strategic answers. A modern VMS can provide that in a few clicks of a button.

Yes, Smart Track can take care of all of your complex, global VMS needs. We are redefining how technology is used – both separately and in conjunction with our experts. Put the two together and you have an unstoppable combination for success.

It’s one of the most innovative VMS solutions on the market today. It has a sleek interface that’s easy and intuitive to use as well as some of the most advanced features in the Vendor Management System tools around.

Innovation is the lifeblood of our business. Shouldn’t it be yours?

If you want to know more about Smart Track, call us at 1-888-DCR-4VMS. If you’re even the least bit curious about what we can do for you…it’s probably time for a change!

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Jessica has an extensive background in learning and talent management. At DCR, she’s focused on partnering with clients to provide solutions that reduce costs, improve processes and bring innovation to their contingent workforce programs.