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On Tweeting a Resume

It is easier said than done – when one claims that ‘Brevity is the soul of wit’ but how could one manage to convey everything they wished to without using a commensurate number of words? The Twitter Resume has taken this concern with brevity to a whole new level – being essentially a resume in just 140 characters (or less) – to be tweeted from one’s Twitter account! Prior to this, one page CVs had everyone wondering as to how they could curtail and condense a whole life onto such short canvas! It is not as if everyone could have a stylish and pithy introduction like “I am Bond… James Bond”to get the world itself ready for the ride knowing what exactly is in store for it!

Why Twitter Resume?

Research indicates that well-prepared Twitter Resumes do manage to catch the attention of employers much more compulsively than a full resume and cover letter ever can, sometimes! While it is not really necessary for everyone to prepare a Twitter Resume using less than 140 characters, imagine having a Twitter Resume which can be sent across in a second and which can be shared with anyone who offers to refer you. It can also be sent directly to a potential employer. But of course, only provided it carries sufficient weight with it by conveying enough about you to people to get them interested in you. It is a good tool to have in your kit, if you want people to know that you are seeking a job. Being a really short piece of information about you, the Twitter Resume can be edited and updated extremely easily to carry any new piece of information about you like a location change, upgrade in qualifications/job positions to make it mirror your life’s events almost by the second. If this idea sounds interesting, it is time to get that notepad out and start the drafting, because believe me you – it is not going to be an easy task. It is easier to ramble on about oneself over 10 pages than to get restricted by the number of pages – I mean characters!

Action Plan

It is very easy to start a Twitter account and put a picture there, start following a few tweeps and gain a few followers for oneself.

The must haves in a Twitter Resume:

  • Your Work/Skills
  • Achievements, if any
  • Goal
  • Link to your full profile (on LinkedIn or a web site or somewhere else)

Imagine the advantages to artists, designers, free lancers, contingent workers and creative people – in using a Twitter Resume. You can talk about your work and post about your achievements, use all your friends and contacts to help with finding work .Your visibility settings can be altered to include the general public or friends of friends and in either way – let the world know about you and your work.

More and more recruiting managers are actually enjoying the convenience of having to read a small 140 character insightful introduction to a candidate – but then there could be serious hit-or-miss issues should the candidate fail to identify an appropriate way to project the information in an effective manner. When the window of time available to make a hiring decision is very short and the need pressing, such precise description of one’s interests and capabilities does help to pinpoint the candidate offering the right fit, which in turn would reduce the effort involved in training as well as on-boarding. Of course, this does not mean that any hiring manager would just use the Twitter Resume to hire without mitigating the hiring risk using the normal verification processes.

The jury is still out on the acceptability of such a resume for the serious and really experienced candidates. It will be wonderful to have your feedback and opinions on this matter as well as ideas on ways to make them appear reliable and impressive. Please do spare some time to recount any personal experiences with using such short Tweeted Resumes to apply for or decide any recruitment matter – and the position it pertained to.

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