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Vendor Neutrality: The Great White Lie

Imagine a world where a business would make any promise to land a client.

A world where they would climb any mountain, sail any ocean or tackle any buffalo if it meant pushing a new workforce through their Vendor Management System (VMS) tool. Once a contract is signed, you may begin to notice that those who promised the world do not, in fact, have climbing shoes, a sailboat or any experience whatsoever tackling buffalo.

The broken promises and lack of tackled buffalo often create distractions from an important aspect of your business’ Human Capital Management (HCM) solution: Vendor Neutrality.

Answer the following questions about your industry:

  • Is there transparency in my hiring manager-supplier contact points?
  • Is there a platform for my suppliers to anonymously communicate with my managers regarding specific requirements?
  • Do my hiring manager-supplier communications get monitored and recorded for posterity?
  • Is there incentive for suppliers to provide high-accuracy, high-precision worker submissions instead of playing the numbers game?
  • Do my hiring managers receive personal communications from supplier representatives?

If you answered No to any one of these questions, then your managers’ decisions have been commandeered. If you answered I don’t know to any one of the questions, then you need to pay attention. In either case, your business may be suffering profusely.

By associating with a “vendor neutral” HCM solution that does not offer a tangible path to achieving neutrality without hindering communications, you’re allowing your company to remain vulnerable to a problem that you never knew existed. Suppliers are cunning in swaying managers to award in their favor, regardless of the quality of work they have to offer.

When you need a truly vendor-neutral communication channel, Smart Track’s Collaboration Module approach provides:

  • Flexible communications between all stakeholders involved in a job fill
  • A platform to connect hiring managers with suppliers without compromising vendor neutrality
  • Full monitoring and time-stamped record-history of discussions
  • A method that suppliers can use to have a better idea of the kind of worker the hiring manager needs
  • Easy-to-learn user interface

In a nutshell, Smart Track’s Collaboration Module has different functionality based on rights and roles assigned to the type of user.. Managers can freely talk to each other, while suppliers must be invited to the chat, and instead of manager names, they see randomly unidentifiable temporary usernames.

Vendor Neutrality: The Great White Lie

Additionally, while suppliers can view the ongoing discussion, they must use the Raise Hand feature to be included in the chat. If either the program administrator or the hiring manager feel the supplier no longer belongs in the discussion, they can boot ‘em out at the click of a button!

While other processes may fall short, Smart Track’s Collaboration Module solves the issue of vendor neutrality in an easy-to-use, chat-based solution.

For detailed highlights, access the DCR DASH Collaboration Module here.

If your HCM solution doesn’t offer this type of innovation, it’s time you switched providers.

Contact us at to request a demo of Smart Track, and open your eyes to what true vendor neutrality feels like.

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