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Does Your Veterans Program Stack Up?

Tomorrow, our nation sets aside a day to recognize veterans here in the U.S. Being a veteran myself, this day has personal meaning. For one thing, the transition from the military to the civilian workforce can be incredibly difficult. As a Marine, I was constantly surrounded by brothers and sisters who fought the same battles, ate the same meals and slept in the same barracks as I did.  

Looking back, we entered the military as young adults, hungry for adventure and challenge. Then reality sunk in as we had to get used to the lifestyle that comes with chasing those adventures and challenges. Every day was indeed an adventure; and every challenge was bigger than the previous one.  

How DCR’s Veterans Program stacks up 

Part of what makes the DCR Veterans Program stand out is that we don’t just talk about “putting a Veterans Program in place” and end it there. Not only do we have core members of our internal staff who are, or have supported, veterans as a big part of their lives, but we also actively search for veterans because we’re aware of how much value they can bring to a company.  

That’s just one of the qualities that makes DCR so unique. We get it.  

Over the years, we’ve found that at some companies they’re looking for certain qualities that veterans have, we just need to show them how they correlate. Some individuals may have difficulty translating boots on the ground experience to desk job experience – for example, many  commissioned and non-commissioned officers make great managers – so we help companies make that leap to understanding.  

Other companies embrace veterans exactly for those life experiences and skills, so they actively search for them. So, as we continue to support clients in defense, information technology and various other types of service, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our pipeline for veterans. One great resource is how we use Smart Track xCHANGE to highlight their experience.  

Mirrored core values 

Personally, I can attest to the effectiveness of DCR’s commitment to helping veterans transition into the civilian workforce. DCR management given me every opportunity to leverage the skills and training I received as a communications technician and Non-Commissioned Officer. My job position encourages my hunger for adventure and challenge, while providing a new experience every single day for the past five years. 

There is unwavering support for veterans. Even as I have transitioned into civilian lifestyle, DCR reinforces and mirrors the core values that I embraced in the United States Marine Corps: Honor, Courage and Commitment.  


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Jeremy has worn many hats at DCR from on-site to customer programs manager to training programs developer and now supports the implementation team. In his spare time, he likes to golf, watch football and write music. A former Marine Corporal, he’s passionate about working with the defense industry, and lives by the core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment.