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The VMS/MSP Landscape: Changing Positions, Ranking and Strategies

I had the pleasure of participating in the recent DCR-sponsored webinar presenting the results of Staffing Industry Analysts’ Landscape Report for VMS and MSP providers. The world of work is changing, and SIA did a great job in illustrating the changing landscape of providers and participants.

The way we engage contingent, non-employee and SOW resources is changing quickly and the opportunities to work with multiple sources has become fascinating. That was clearly articulated within the SIA webinar and quantitatively spelled out within the great research provided.

Look at the players: They haven’t changed names, but they are quickly changing position, rankings and strategies. The key here will be in the alignment of technologies through integrations and partnerships; along with the tentacles into the talent pool. How do we get individual-specific into an opportunity-specific? As providers, we’re all challenged to answer that.

DCR is excited by the results and trends communicated within the Landscape Report. We’re uniquely positioned to enable clients, staffing partners, MSPs and others to integrate a total solution. This may sound complex, but we’ve collaborated to create simple-yet-powerful solutions to make it easy for you.   Our thanks to SIA for the opportunity to participate and to be part of the change.

During the webinar, we discussed a variety of initiatives, one of which involved the importance of integrations, so I’d like to extend the offer to you to pick up a copy of our latest Client Success Story – “A VMS is Not an Island: Integrations are Integral to Success”.

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