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Webinar Panelists Agree: One Size Does Not Fit All, Change is Inevitable and Opportunities Abound

As mid-market companies dip their toes in the waters of using technology and outside resources to manage their extended workforce, it’s important to note that these organizations have differing needs from their large enterprise-level counterparts to manage such a program.

As our expert panelists discussed, the main pain points are the same across all industries and no matter the size of your organization. You have to look at risk and compliance, visibility and insights. You have to have some concrete objectives. And you need to rely on data as well as really drill down into it to see where you may have room to improve, where your strengths are and what you can strategically plan for.

If you weren’t able to attend the webinar, here’s the replay.

One size does not fit all

Having a Vendor Management System and a Managed Services Provider definitely helps alleviate the challenge of resources at mid-market organizations. But how do they differ from their larger counterparts?

“There are definitely similarities regardless of size…but there are opportunities to streamline and accomplish shorter timeframes and to provide standardization which could include adopting standardized jobs, standardized integration and a VMS that allows for a ‘quicker’ implementation,” said JoAnne Estrada, Global Head of Contingent Workforce Solution, Randstad Sourceright. “The title of the webinar, One Size Does Not Fit All, of course alludes to the fact that a mid-market program must still make sense for the client.”

Change is inevitable

Change, growth and acquisitions are occurring in every market across the board, so if you’re a mid-market company today, you may become, or be a part of, a larger enterprise tomorrow.

“The mid-market is engaging in the same conversations we are about the evolution of their program and their strategic roadmap,” said Jessi Guenther, Executive Director, SIGMA MSP, Allegis Global Solutions. “Conversations are typically starting with the traditional contingent worker, but evolving to include freelances, FTEs, services procurement and global scope.”

All of this change requires a system that can handle scaling up, moving to complex integrations and much more.

Opportunities Abound

Where does a mid-market company start when so many opportunities abound?

“Create a sense of urgency – whether it is financial, process controls or risk mitigation – then find the group of people committed to it,” said Richard Snider, VP of Channel Partnerships at DCR. “Then it branches into how to select vendors. But you first need the vision and priorities along with buy-in and commitment.”

Historically, SMBs had to either use a workaround or use a solution geared toward the enterprise-level players. DCR found that SMBs needed a solution so we created a next-level, out-of-the-box VMS that provides an agile solution for the mid-market to handle their extended workforce – Smart Track NOW.

Once you are ready to learn the ins and outs of what a VMS solution can do for your extended workforce management, you’ll want to take a deep look at what Smart Track NOW can do for you – both from an initial implementation in one week as well as a VMS that can grow as you grow to include complex integrations, services procurement/SOW and global project management.

To start your research, we’ve gathered a number of resources for you  on this page, including the webinar replay, whitepapers and a timeline.

If you want to speak to someone directly, call us at 1-888-DCR-4VMS.

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