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We’re Proud to Announce a Strategic Partnership with Allegis Global Solutions

Successful companies know that to gain a competitive edge, they need to build strategic partnerships with complementary organizations. Each company essentially offers a service the other lacks and the two must align their values to build the proper momentum.  

Any partnership also must go well beyond a transactional relationship to a transformational relationship because if you build the foundation properly, you’ll be working together for years, leveraging each other’s resources, energy and mutual growth.  

As DCR strives to build mutually beneficial strategic partnerships, we’re careful to align ourselves with companies that share the same values we do in innovation, attention to detail and the utmost customer care.  We’re proud to announce that we’ve formed a strategic partnership with Allegis Global Solutions (AGS).  

This partnership will allow clients the opportunity to use Smart Track VMS in conjunction with AGS’ SIGMA and Enterprise solutions to manage their contingent, freelance and Statement of Work (SOW) projects in one ecosystem that’s capable of global engagements.  

You can read more about the details of the AGS partnership in the official announcement.  

We’re excited about the possibilities this relationship will offer our clients and look forward to working together to solve complex contingent workforce challenges for companies nationally and globally.  

Keep watching this space for more exciting announcements and what this collaboration will mean for you.  

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