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Where Can I Find Myself a Temporary Job?

find a jobWhen Gallup polled 1048 adults on the state of the job market, 68% said the market now is not good for finding a quality job, while 28% were more optimistic. Though optimism went up by 3 points to 31% when workers between 30-49 years were polled; workers with higher education levels were found less optimistic than workers with less education.

The job market is evolving, with greater percentages of temporary workers and new approaches to finding and engaging workers. The use of contingent workers is growing exponentially as employers cope with an uncertain economy and fluctuating demand.

GallupAre you looking out for a job but have not yet considered temporary opportunities? Or, do you want to augment your current income by taking on additional assignments? Why not expand your horizons and look at everything that is out there? First, you may well ask yourself; will temporary work keep me happy? The right answer would always be – it depends! However, surveys have proved that many people who take up temporary work decide to not go back to a permanent position. The reasons offered by them include better pay, time for personal pursuits or passions, being one’s own boss and having a choice in projects undertaken. Gaining experience and learning new skills to add to the resume are also considered to be great incentives.

A recent survey by 7,000 contingent workers places 61% of respondents in the category of ‘loyal enthusiasts’ who would be happy to recommend the client for whom they work (and the client’s service or product) to friends and colleagues.  For the staffing agency that employed them, this score stood at 49%, indicating some room for improvement. Among the list of positive attributes expected of a staffing agency are a polite and responsive approach, trustworthiness, the availability of training programs and of course, benefits and competitive pay rates. Companies are also increasingly utilizing temporary workers as a way to test individuals for skills and fit prior to offering permanent positions.  A recent CareerBuilder survey puts the number of companies which hire temporary workers with a plan to convert them into full time at 42%.

Job search engines and Craigslist are not the only sources of temporary opportunities. You could also approach a staffing agency or a few staffing agencies! That is a unique advantage with this kind of work, and you could work with different clients through different staffing agencies, as you continue to enjoy more free time than a full time worker, without hurting your income. If you have specialized skills which are in high demand, you could expect to earn a much higher income as a temporary worker.

Some industries and professions which currently lead in the use of temporary workers are listed here.  Each has a high requirement for niche skills and faces a significant shortage of talent:

  • Manufacturing Information Technology
  • Healthcare Business Operations Specialists
  • Management Analysts
  • HR, Training and Labor Relation Specialists
  • Accountants and Auditors

Darwin’s theory proposes that only the ‘Fittest survive” and in the context of employment, the fittest would be those who recognize that a bend in the road is not an end of the road; unless they refuse to make the turn.

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Lalita is a people/project manager with extensive experience in operations, HCM and training and development across industries like banking, education, business consulting, BPO and information technology. She believes in a dynamic approach to life and learning as change is the only constant.